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Micro 6-Max Cash: Two Pair Vs. Massive River Overbet

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  • Micro 6-Max Cash: Two Pair Vs. Massive River Overbet

    Here's a funny hand. Help me figure this one out. I was sitting at a 5c/10c 6-max cash table, and I'd been here for maybe twenty minutes. The villain in this hand seemed to be a pretty solid player for the 5c/10c tables, and I knew she was multitabling. I hadn't seen her actually show down much, but thanks to the supergreat instant replayer, I got to see a lot of what she was mucking. She was opening with solid hands (don't think I saw anything that wasn't a pair or suited ace), but she seemed to lack much creativity with her plays. I'm pretty sure everything she 3bet preflop was at least AK JJ+, and she seemed to be on fit-or-fold post-flop (not sure after only 20 minutes though, although she had been at my prior table, so I remember a bit from that, too). She made a peculiar move on the river, but I'll let you watch and figure it out for yourself. Also, any criticism of my play is always more than welcome. Hurt my feelings. Go ahead, try. Thanks guys!

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    Double-u tee eff..? Who does that..? I mean, other than serious noobs..

    I have nothing to say in regard to your play, and I'm perplexed by hers.. I've come to a couple of conclusions but... Maybe with you being new to the table she was testing you to see if she could possibly felt you and make a nice profit in the process; but you said that you've played w/ her before and I would hope she has some notes on you.. Or, maybe she was so caught up in the other tables' action that even she didn't realize there wasn't much value in a bet this size as it'll likely warrant a fold.. Or, she may have been telling you to watch your c-bets in the future because it'll cost you any bets to pot.. Or... Nevermind, I'm confusing myself coming up with theories.. (scratches head)

    I dunno, brutha... I know this isn't much help but I felt the urge to comment anyhow..


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      Here's how I read it, and I might very well be wrong, but here's my view. She rivered the nut straight. With an unbeatable hand, she needs to bet for value. Now, if I'm going to call a value bet more than 0% of the time, I'm often going to do it regardless of the size of the bet. And if I call a $1 bet 40% of the time, and a $10 bet 20% of the time, then which gets her more value? 40 x 1 = 40. 20 x 10 = 200. Easy math.

      Another thing she has going for her is the fact that her bet looks bluffy. To me though, I'm pretty sure I could almost see through the backs of her cards. Definitely QK.



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