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hand analysis your opinion please

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  • hand analysis your opinion please

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    Well ant I smelt the Aces preflop. I would have been tempted to fold there and then.

    After the flop, when he bet virtually half the pot, I was convinced he had bullets. What do you do however when you are sitting with a set of hooks? Hard to fold I know but I would have definitely folded here if I was sober.

    Even if the board paired you were annihilated. Only chance of winning was the final Jack and if a King had come you would have chopped.

    I think this one is really a case of knowing when you are beat and to fold them.



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      i figured his half pot bet on the flop was to defend his AK as the flop was open to all kinds of str8 draws and flush possibilities!!

      i did smell a rat of course as the str8 draw possibiltiy almost made me fold but as you say when i flop a set and you look at the numbers and the odds of running into a higher set are ridicuolously high.

      anyhow i hate jacks i want you all to know it i never win with them!!

      even when i flop quad jacks last week and snap called a guys all in he turned q8 i peed my pants untill runner runner 9 10 gave him str8 flush


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        Don't post in mp, wait til your blind.

        You can possibly fold preflop... depends a lot on the villain and his 3b%. Your impied odds are only about 6-1 so you absolutely can not call looking to flop a set, you have to be able to play JJ for value some of the time on it's own merit. Whether or not you can do this depends on the villains 3b range.

        On the flop, please don't ever fold your set with the money this shallow, that would be a major major leak. He woudl have to physically show you AA to make folding the set correct. Just including TT and AK in his range along with AA makes it a mandatory get the money in spot.

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          Interesting Dave. Can you explain how it is a leak to fold a set if you are sure you are beat?

          I am trying to understand the concept.

          And what do you mean by don't post in mid position. Do you mean the original limp?

          Thanks for all the info Dave; it is a great help.

          Last edited by topthecat; Wed Mar 09, 2011, 10:50 PM.


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            Ant posted a BB from UTG+1 instead of waiting his turn in the BB when he sat down. I will only post from the cutoff position but I usually wait until the BB when first sitting at a cash table.


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              Understand now.

              Thanks Joe.



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