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Mid-Late Stage MTT: Small Pocket Pair, 3-Bet or Fold?

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  • Mid-Late Stage MTT: Small Pocket Pair, 3-Bet or Fold?

    From a 1,000 player MTT, and I think there were about 120 people left (104 paid) at the time of this hand. The opener was new to the table, and I was strongly considering 3-betting them all-in. I ended up deciding that there were too many overpairs that might call, that weighed down my equity too much. Any thoughts?

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    I personally would have at least called and probably shoved having such a big stack. What were the blinds and antes or was it static antes?


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      Good question. The blinds were T350/T700 and there was an 85 chip ante. It should be noted that suckout2010 was sitting out with T303 when the hand started, and they were compelled all-in because they couldn't completely pay their big blind. The open raiser might have been isolating to get free chips without having to show their hand down, which I considered before making my action. I just didn't think my hand was quite strong enough to respond.


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        Definitely looks like an iso-raise to me, but he's only got an 11 bb stack so it doesn't look like he's folding after raising. Maybe if he's bad, but I would assume in the absence of information to the contrary, he's going with his hand. You're looking at an overpair or 2 over cards the vast majority of the time here, I think the fold is fine.

        Haven't looked at the price of the pot but getting it in jamming isn't bad either, you probably have close to the right equity and there is always the chance he'll fold as you're on the money bubble. With a big stack on the bubble I'm inclined to take aggressive lines, so I think jamming maybe slightly better than folding. The only real mistake here would be calling.

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          I thought it was a marginal spot. I probably underestimated my bubble-fold equity here, but I basically thought jamming w/ 55 would be a resteal at best, and wanted a more solid hand to pick a spot where I wouldn't be stealing. But I guess even if I was stealing, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I did have equity, and maybe the right pot odds against their range even if I was called.



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