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QA Suited!

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  • QA Suited!

    Hello, i am rather new to the world of poker although i have had 2 top 10 finished in the .10 tournament in the past week. Was wondering if i played this hand correct or what i should have done?


    PokerStars Game #58715986489: Tournament #371751995, $0.10+$0.00 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2011/03/05 22:05:30 UTC [2011/03/05 17:05:30 ET]
    Table '371751995 26' 9-max Seat #4 is the button
    Seat 1: enriqueq (940 in chips)
    Seat 2: TPhoenix44 (2120 in chips)
    Seat 3: jonto15 (4465 in chips)
    Seat 4: FAT-TWEETY (1255 in chips)
    Seat 5: Darldog (3240 in chips)
    Seat 6: dudan220 (5 in chips)
    Seat 7: Conan V (930 in chips)
    Seat 8: royalflash30 (3270 in chips)
    Seat 9: boutch68 (3225 in chips)
    Darldog: posts small blind 50
    dudan220: posts big blind 5 and is all-in
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to jonto15 [Qc Ac]
    Conan V: folds
    royalflash30: calls 100
    boutch68: folds
    enriqueq: raises 100 to 200
    TPhoenix44: folds
    jonto15: raises 400 to 600
    FAT-TWEETY: folds
    Darldog: folds
    royalflash30: calls 500
    enriqueq: calls 400
    *** FLOP *** [5c 2s Tc]
    royalflash30: checks
    enriqueq: bets 340 and is all-in
    jonto15: raises 340 to 680
    royalflash30: folds
    Uncalled bet (340) returned to jonto15
    *** TURN *** [5c 2s Tc] [3s]
    *** RIVER *** [5c 2s Tc 3s] [7s]
    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    enriqueq: shows [Ah Th] (a pair of Tens)
    jonto15: shows [Qc Ac] (high card Ace)
    enriqueq collected 2510 from side pot
    dudan220: shows [Ad Kd] (high card Ace)
    enriqueq collected 25 from main pot
    dudan220 finished the tournament in 175th place
    *** SUMMARY ***
    Total pot 2535 Main pot 25. Side pot 2510. | Rake 0
    Board [5c 2s Tc 3s 7s]
    Seat 1: enriqueq showed [Ah Th] and won (2535) with a pair of Tens
    Seat 2: TPhoenix44 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
    Seat 3: jonto15 showed [Qc Ac] and lost with high card Ace
    Seat 4: FAT-TWEETY (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
    Seat 5: Darldog (small blind) folded before Flop
    Seat 6: dudan220 (big blind) showed [Ad Kd] and lost with high card Ace
    Seat 7: Conan V folded before Flop (didn't bet)
    Seat 8: royalflash30 folded on the Flop
    Seat 9: boutch68 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

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    maybe a bigger re raise pre flop to put the short stack all in or fold other than that its a reasonable cheap call on the flop and your raise was good to push the other guy off the pot he just got lucky with his 3 outer why the short stack isnt shoving pre flop i dont know


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      with that short of chips, the A 10 person wasn't going to fold.

      Just count that one up to bad luck, as there really wasn't much you could have done.

      6 Time Bracelet Winner



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