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Five minutes after I return...

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  • Five minutes after I return...

    ...the bad luck begins! These are the kinds of hands that I decided to take a break for. I'm not a bad player I don't think, but these two show me up as one. Grr. In the first hand, I understand it was slightly too early for KQs...however I felt it was worth playing at that point. Plus, I understand that I was basically a victim of a classic set mine. However, he really shouldnt have tried that with the stacks as they were surely? I feel it was wrong for him to call an early raise in this spot. A negative points total to start the month off at PSO! Fantastic. (Not really). Question is - what could I have done to not go broke twice? Tom
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    Hand 1 there's no need to open so big, you have no pot control options when you inflate the pot so much preflop. There's no way this hand comes out different, the opponent made a bad call with 33 and got lucky, and even opening smaller once you turn the 3rd Q you're not getting away on this depth of money ever. Just a cooler.

    Hand 2, you didn't go broke since you had him covered but again nothing wrong here, a player limps 5 high on a short stack (bad) and stacks it off to a raise (bad), you're about a 2-1 favorite, nothing wrong with this one imo.
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      When you say open, do you mean pre-flop? Pre-flop is standard for me. I've tried smaller and it doesn't feel comfortable and I get called too much so I keep it that size. I'm not sure how I can stop too many calling when I open with less than 4BB?

      I think that everyone would have bet the flop, so are you saying just bet smaller? Even with that texture? Is there anything to be said for making a statement with the bet that size? Bet sizing is really something I need to look at so any advice would be really helpful.

      BTW Hand 2, sorry yes I had him covered. My mistake on that one. When writing that I was thinking about how I got knocked out - my AJ was beaten by an Ace high flush lol.



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