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Turbo Satellite: KTo Against a Button Limp

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  • Turbo Satellite: KTo Against a Button Limp

    This was from a turbo I played earlier today. I'd like to know if anyone sees anything wrong with this play. I'm new at the table (currently 5th place out of 25 or so players) and have no reads on this particular villain, but I take his button limp as a weirdish bad play. I raise from the small blind, get flatted, and I hit the flop. I decide that I'm not dropping middle pair against this guy who doesn't seem to have a particularly strong holding, and I also decide that a c-bet would commit too much of my stack to fold to any reraise, so I just jam it. I figured his range was so broad that my play was justified. Short of any actual previous info on the guy, does this play make sense to you guys?

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    I just stoved my equity in that spot vs. any pair and any broadway combination. Looks like I was basically 50/50 to win. I was closer to 55% to win if I assume that he's raising any JJ+ hand or better preflop (therefore, it's not in his range).

    I'm a little confused here. Any Q holding or two pair+ was going to call. I had intended when I raised initially to jam any flop that I hit, but I was not expecting the button to call my first raise. When I jammed the flop, I was just hoping that the villain didn't hit, and my bet was to get the villain off his hand. I thought I rated to be ahead, and I wasn't betting for value. Is that thought process alright, or am I missing something again?

    Thanks for all who post, as always.


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      Up to the of the forum.


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        One more time, if anyone wants to comment.


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          OK, I'll bite. I can't imagine why you would risk your whole stack here with second pair. Lots of people limp in with strong hands, he showed strength when he called your pre-flop raise. I can follow your thinking, but a reasonable raise here would have given you the same information.

          Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm never risking my stack with second pair on that board, there's too many hands that beat you.

          Good luck!!
          Bracelet Winner


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            I agree w/ joy here about a (check) raise here offering you a solid amount of information in regard to the strength of your opponent's holdings.. FPP/low buy-in satellites can often get a little crazy and taking a less aggressive line in this situation is a better option, IMO.. Granted, you set a line pre-flop and stuck with it, stations are ever-present in the type of satellites mentioned..



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