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Flopping Set On Str-wet Board

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  • Flopping Set On Str-wet Board

    I've been posting quite a few HHs lately as I'm trying to improve my game and seek advice from more experienced players.. I post them for the benefit of the noobs (myself included) as well in order to gain more experience w/ review of play.. Here is a hand that I chose to play aggressively from UTG.. I can't recall most of the details as it was a few days and a couple thousand hands ago.. (Yes, I play that frequently when I'm not at work).. As the turn card came down I commented suggesting that I was probably up a creek, athough in a different format.. The villian in this case was playing loosely-aggressive and was no stranger to calling down bets to the river when pairing the board (pretty much regardless of card rank) and strong draws as well..

    I elected to put nearly 1/4 of my stack in as it was common to see up to several calls when utilizing the typical 3x pre-flop raise.. Being UTG I decided to scare off any would be loose players w/ a large pre-flop raise here... If memory serves I had recently shown-down a strong hand w/ a similar sized raise and won the pot... I chose to use my table image to my advantage and attempt to produce folds around the table.. Any suggestions here would be helpful as to whether or not I made the correct play, what a better play may have been, and what they may have done differently were they in this situation.. I also enjoy when my viewers take a stab at guessing what the opponent's hole cards are, so feel free to take a shot.. At the very least, you'll get some practice at putting an opponent on a hand..

    Also, if you'd like to see the results before I post them, feel free to request a PM..

    PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 0 Tournament, 100/200 Blinds (9 handed) - PokerStars Converter Tool from

    SB (t5365)
    BB (t5844)
    UTG (t3993)
    Hero (UTG+1) (t2903)
    MP1 (t1485)
    MP2 (t875)
    MP3 (t310)
    CO (t2180)
    Button (t720)

    Hero's M: 9.68

    Preflop: Hero is UTG+1 with 10, 10
    1 fold, Hero bets t700, 6 folds, BB calls t500

    Flop: (t1500) 10, 8, 7 (2 players)
    BB checks, Hero bets t1125, BB calls t1125

    Turn: (t3750) 6 (2 players)
    BB checks, Hero bets t1078 (All-In), BB calls t1078

    River: (t5906) 5 (2 players, 1 all-in)

    Total pot: t5906
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    You have a short stack here. If this was a PSO tourney, I would have shipped preflop and hoped for a call. If this was not a points-based tourney, I would have decided my action based on how much of a station the villain was. If he was stationy enough to call the preflop ship with weak holdings, then I would have shipped. If he wasn't quite that stationy, I would have set up a go-and-go by raising about 900, then shipping on the flop regardless of what the cards were. That way, you pick up his chips from his preflop call, because more often than he won't have hit, and the flop bet would be about pot-sized. But in this case you'd be hoping for a call, I guess. If I was reshipped on at any point in my go-and-go, I would have called no matter what. I don't know if this is a technically correct play, or good advice (I'd love to hear other opinions), but given the size of your stack, I think you should have assumed your hand was the best hand at every point, and gotten it in either preflop, or on the flop. Maybe somebody else has comments...? is my guess. Just a guess, though. Oh, and don't worry about playing thousands of hands. That's part of how you get better! I'm sure Dave or DLev, or some of the other Hand Analysis group play at least that many. I don't think I play quite that much, though. But if I get better, I probably will!


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      Originally posted by ClubbedNuts View Post
      as it was common to see up to several calls when utilizing the typical 3x pre-flop raise.. Being UTG I decided to scare off any would be loose players w/ a large pre-flop raise here
      Your raise is 3.5x... why did you think the extra half a big blind would discourage them?

      14.5 bb stack, just ship TT pre imo, stop putting yourself in bad post flop spots on a short stack.

      Earlier when the stacks are deeper, stop bloating the pot out of position with a marginal post flop hand by making bigger raises.
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        3 months ago id say ship it every time- yet now - if u get the table to fold, ure only increasing your stack by 10% (300)- and both blinds have twice ure stack- that raise gives the bb 2-1 odds to call only 10% of his stack--- from utg+1 - believe it or not - ima folding there and pickin a better spot-- no need to risk ure tourney life there- with the bigger stacks in lp-- jmo-- gl ..monk...



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