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Knockout MTT Early Phase, Tough Spot w/ AA

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  • Knockout MTT Early Phase, Tough Spot w/ AA

    For this hand, I had recently been moved to the table, and had picked up no applicable reads. I'd really like to know how you all would have played this hand. I feel like the real tough spot was the river, and I'd like to hear other perspectives on it. I'm not going to post my line of thinking or the result quite yet because I want to get the most objective feedback I can. Thanks guys!

    PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 1.4 Tournament, 10/20 Blinds (9 handed) - PokerStars Converter Tool from

    SB (t1980)
    Panicky (BB) (t2315)
    UTG (t2760)
    UTG+1 (t3570)
    MP1 (t3520)
    MP2 (t1840)
    MP3 (t1640)
    CO (t4830)
    Button (t1270)

    Panicky's M: 77.17

    Preflop: Panicky is BB with A, A
    4 folds, MP3 calls t20, 1 fold, Button bets t40, 1 fold, Panicky calls t20, MP3 calls t20

    Flop: (t130) 6, 5, 10 (3 players)
    Panicky bets t80, MP3 calls t80, Button calls t80

    Turn: (t370) 10 (3 players)
    Panicky checks, MP3 checks, Button bets t320, Panicky calls t320, 1 fold

    River: (t1010) 2 (2 players)
    Panicky checks, Button bets t830 (All-In), Panicky calls t830

    Total pot: t2670

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    I am still learner, so the following is my read on things.

    I am not sure why you have highlighted the river as the tough spot, I would have been worried when the turn came.

    Not betting your hand from the BB disguises its strength - not a bad thing in itself but it will aloow Ax and weaker holdings into the hand cheaply.

    A reasonable flop for you, the only concern being the two diamonds that might encourage someone to draw if holding similar. You bet the flop and both players come along with you. This could mean that they think that your bet is cheap enough to call or one of them hit TP or are going with the FD.

    Check / call on the turn - Button bets near pot size, is either representing trips or the FD or they have actually hit. My preference would have been to continue leading out from this position - you are giving up the initiaitve otherwise.

    Check / call on the river - Button pushes for value or bluff.

    So where does this all net out? You have either skillfully got someone to put in all their chips, persuading them to run a bluff representing the FD or trips, or you are a long way behind - I am not sure which I believe to be more likely. As stated above I would probably have elected to lead out on the turn and see how the players behind reacted to the lead out.

    Look forward to reading other reviews on the hand!

    Bracelet Winner


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      I always want to raise preflop with AA. The major benefit of raising is it gives other players the option to 3-bet. Then you can 4 bet, and perhaps get all in pre-flop when you know you have the best hand.

      As played, having disguised the strength of your hand and ceded the initiative, I would not lead the betting. Let the button, as pre-flop raiser, bet the flop. Then you check-raise the size of the pot.

      The turn card is very bad for you, since it creates multiple plausible ways to beat you. It's not too hard to find a fold here. The river changes only how many chips you need to commit with a likely losing hand. If you think you have the best hand on the turn, you shouldn't let the button draw with a possible diamond in his hand. So folding or raising is better than calling.

      Having called the turn, you probably should call the river, or else why did you call the turn?
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