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How should i have played this hand?

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  • How should i have played this hand?

    Kind of a 2 part question,
    1. Should I have played stronger on the flop
    2. Did i make the right decision to fold?

    background: It's early in tournament, 2nd blind level 20/40. I'm at 2400 chips, villain is at 1440. Not many plays being made, everyone seems to be playing pretty tight for the most part:

    Preflop: Villain limps from early position, I limp with 4h6h from middle, & two others behind me limp in.

    Flop: Jc 6s 6c. 'villain' bets 40, i call, and the two behind me call.

    Turn: 10d. 'villain' bets 40 again, i raise to 80, other two fold and 'villain' calls.

    River: 8c. 'Villian" checks, i bet 80, "villain" raises to 960.....I fold my 3-of-a-kind

    It felt to me that he was feeding his flush draw. Should I have been more aggressive on the flop with 3 other people in there? I slow-played trying not to give away my hand and hoping to gain some chips. I felt like if i put much of a bet in there no-one would call

    I realize there is a chance he may have just had the J, but i wasn't willing to give up half my chips to find out.

    Let me know how you would have handled it. Thanks!

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    you've gotta at least 3-bet the flop AND the turn to try and get them out.

    As early as it was... they may not have been on a flush, could have easily had Q 9 for a straight too.

    It was probably the right move to fold though.
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      I think you could play it stronger on the flop but there's nothing wrong w/ just calling the flop too. However, when you raise the turn, I would definitely raise a lot larger than you did because you are giving them pretty good odds to suck out on you which seems like what happened on the river. I like folding on the river as played.

      Hope that helps!
      Randy Lew


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        I think we make more long term by not slow playing the flop. You're getting action from any draw, top pair, pocket pairs will call, etc.

        I agree with Randy raise much more than min on the turn, you're not extract value on the flop by just calling and you're not extracting value on the turn by min-raising, you're giving a draw a great price to suck out. Also think you can make a bigger value bet on the river than 80 chips, there's about 560 in the pot, you should be able to get paid off at least 250 by top pair I'd guess. Definitely bet/fold river, I agree with the lay down too.

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