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Problematic Pushing

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  • Problematic Pushing

    When will my poor streak of luck end..? Am I making poor decisions w/ my desire to push when short-stacked and/or ahead post-flop, and even simply calling or making a raise..? I was so frustrated earlier that I literally lowered my head and repeatedly walked into the wall, took a few steps back, walked into the wall, took a few steps back, and continued this process for about 20 seconds as though I were a malfunctioning machine/ ill-programmed robot; because I sure as hell feel this way.. It was a comedic way for me to try and lower my frustration levels.. Besides, I figured maybe it would knock whatever gears back into place so that I may return to profiting from playing Poker instead of depleting my BR as has been the case for an excess of 30 days.. I know, I know; downswings can last months, even years (cringes).. Please, for the love of God prove to me that I am in fact making ill-advised calls and there is no PS conspiracy to relieve me of my BR, because it sure feels that way..!

    Thanks in advance for any help..

    Quickly Losing Hair

    What makes this final hand difficult to cope w/ is the fact that the entire game there was banter between UTG+1 and myself regarding his frequent comments of calling people 'idiot' 'donk' and the like for putting all their chips in the middle w/ marginal hands.. This individual ensured that he would knock me out as a result of my attempts to get him to stop name-calling and negatively criticizing others' play.. When both hands went face up post-flop his immeadiate reaction was to comment saying, 'Oopz'.. As soon as the river came he proceeded to gloat saying something to the like of, 'See, I told you I would knock you out. Loozer.' et cetera.. My reaction was obviously one of disgust and pain, however, I refrained from calling him names and simply replied that he did so by an act of God, followed by my comment of, 'I ain't mad at ya..' Yes, it makes me feel good that I need not resort to calling him an idiot for calling my all in bet and getting lucky on the river despite him suggesting he made a superior call and knocked me out as he predicted.. Sh*t, happens, and, yes, I was upset.. But, in any event, I maintained composure and refused to resort to name-calling..

    Anyhoo, am I making poor decisions w/ my play..? Any advice will do (advice, not negative criticism).. Thanks..
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    You are new - you don't have downswings - only bad plays combined with occasional bad beat. When you learn to play - then you can have downswings. Go down to 1$ sngs, review the basic courses as this hand is just one big mess.


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      I agree, this hand wasn't good. You're not short stacked here. Preflop is fine, but post flop you stacked off with an underpair to the board in a spot where you're almost never good given the villains line. I am amazed you were actually in the lead on the turn this time, but given his line you'll be lucky to be in the lead here 10% of the time I'd say. What are you repping with your post flop action? What are you ranging the villain on? I can see losing a few chips on this hand (preflop call at least) but your stack should never have gone in the middle on this depth of money with an underpair to the board.
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        Okay, first off: I'm assuming you're both referring to my hand w/ pocket 4's, as this was the only hand posted prior to adding the other two shortly thereafter.. Looking back after your comments, it's clear that I made a poor decision.. I certainly put my opponent on A-9+, taking into consideration their prior play.. It was after a very long session and into the wee hours of the morning; clearly a sticky situation for me to be in.. Heeding your comments, it is evident that I need to review some of the lessons provided.. As far as the downswing is concerned, I may be new in terms of months played, but a recent layoff from work has provided me the opportunity to play several-hundred hands p/day.. Perhaps my early successes instilled a bit of overconfidence in my play.. I will most certainly review my play and begin to apply a more educated dynamic of play.. Thank you both for the advice.. It is certainly appreciated..!


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          Okay, I've followed your suggestion and reviewed the courses.. There is, however, one issue that has been confusing me and I am hoping for clarification.. When looking at the Odds & Outs section of the Basic Course, I'm struggling with the second to last example in regard to the number of outs mentioned.. The example states 'my outs' holding a set against a flush draw.. It states that should I hit my set (7d-7h) w/ a board showing 2s-7s-Js and I'm putting my opponent on a flush, I have seven outs (a seven, one of three deuces, one of three Jacks).. My confusion lies in the following sentence: If I don't hit any outs on the Turn, I will have three additional outs, making it a total of ten.. How can this be..? I've looked at this several times over the last few months, and each time I do my understanding doesn't improve.. What are the three additional outs that I'm missing w/ only one card to come on the River..? I've been known to overlook the obvious on subjects before, but I'm usually able to figure it out after a later review.. This time; not so much.. Please help clarify this for me..


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            Your outs are any pair on the board if the board is 27J, then three 2s, three Js, and one 7 are outs. That's seven so far. (so you're about 28% to improve) If a blank X comes on the turn, then the three 2s, three Js, one 7, and now three Xs are outs, giving you 10 outs (about 20% to improve)



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