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what now ironside ???

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  • what now ironside ???


    i have spend the time and the patiente to do what you have ask and after a week i got a reply saying the hand was not worth while to all the work to create the graphics and stuff to put it here

    i really dont care what is your problem with puting the hands but as i said before i will stick to my previous and easy system

    the bad thing is i did miss the hand text and now it s gonne :evil:

    i did promise to cardster that i put the hand here (cause you iron, told me that this was easy, i only had to ask and after 1 or 2 days the hand was here....well bs )

    i really had enjoy to have discuss this hand with cardster and explaining what was his mistakes in my oppinion

    really pisses me off is you interfering with situations which you are not even involved and recomending things that are not as you told me

    im here to learn and i REALLY love to see the hand on the forum and discuss the hand with other players, geting opinions and explain why i did play like this and that...thats the fun and great part for me....not giving anyone a hard time with names or critizicing!!!!

    i lost a 1st or 2nd place on that satelite because i keep discussing the hand with cardster after he busted, and didnt not even pay attention to the game after that hand

    too bad if you dont like it iron... maybe there are 10 players that like it better and prefer my system

    way more easy and less complex, and i really dont have the time to spend with all this emails back andf forth to pso about a hand

    people who dont see any point on my posts about hand can always skip to the next one, as i recomend to you so you dont get MAD

    unless pso staff tells me that i should not do that i will do as always


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    i am going to email tim at PSO and see why the hand is not of any intrest as it seems to me it would be an over pair v a set

    now the reason i asked you 2 use this way to do hand analysis is because the school has the tool for a reason we either USE it or LOSE it but with the amount of effort the school seems to have put into it in last 6 months LOSE it seems to be the idea.

    now if people are going to start printing every hand they lose with in the forum with names attached i will open my book on EVERY PLAYER with over 10000 hands and my notes and print them in the forum.

    no names should be attached to any hand unless the player has given express permission.

    i dont care if it public info, if thats the case my notes are public info and some people would love to get there hands on them.


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      so everyone may know

      you have my permission (if you got anything about me) to put it here
      concerning the hands i play, the bad beats, the stupid plays have donne (and im sure i stil do now and then)

      one reason

      im here to learn and share

      nutin that i do here got any other reason

      you and everyone (no exceptions) may use, print reveal, show whatever they want about my hands and play

      i really appreciate that anyone took the time and effort to put a hand played with me in this school to disccuss it and analize it