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  • blinds

    explain the blinds and how they are determined

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    I think this is adequately explained in the Poker Basics course, but I'll give you some more info.

    The blinds are the money that two players are forced to pay before the cards are dealt. The small blind pays half a blind, and the big blind pays one blind. The cards are then dealt and the pre-flop betting commences, starting with the player "under the gun" (one position to the left of the big blind). To play the hand, everyone has to at least put in one big blind, but usually, the first player will make a raise to 2, 3 or 4 big blinds. Anyone that wants to play the hand then has to at least match that bet. e.g. If UTG made it 3bb to go, then the player who paid the small blind has to put in another 2.5bb to see a flop, and the BB has to put in another 2bb.

    In cash games, the size of the blinds is pre-determined and they remain fixed. In a 1c/2c game (also called $2NL, because most players will buy in for 100bb, which costs $2) the blinds are 1c in the small blind and 2c in the big.
    In tournaments, the size of the blinds will escalate over time. The reason for this is to generate action. You can't sit around all day when you have to pay 1.5bb every orbit, as your stack would gradually get shorter. If there is always 1.5bb in the middle at the start of the hand, then other players want to try and win it. Hence the phrase "trying to steal the blinds". If the blinds were fixed in tournaments, they would barely be worth winning later on, because stack sizes get bigger and bigger as players get knocked out. The blinds in tourneys therefore get raised every few minutes, so that players will have an incentive to play.

    Hope this helps!
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