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GarethC23 Training Feedback, FAQ, and Discussion Thread

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  • GarethC23 Training Feedback, FAQ, and Discussion Thread

    Hi everyone Like some of the other trainers I'm going to have this thread as permanent place for you guys to give any feedback on my live training sessions. Ideas for future training sessions? Do I talk too much? Hate my voice? Stakes you would like to see me playing? Any particular things you would like me to focus on? You get the idea umbup: Looking forward to it! Gareth

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    Not to give you too big of a head Gareth but I think the last session you gave was one of the best I have ever attended here.

    I especially liked how you were able to convey your thought processes that made the decision making and reading of players hand ranges and styles seem very simple; I only wish it was

    I know it would seem to a lot of people like going over old ground but it would nice too see you start at 2nl and grind up the levels, maybe a guide to multi-tabling which is a particular problem of mine. Do you do other variants apart from 6max? Some full ring cash would be good.

    I will be making a point of attending the sessions in any case




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      Hi Gareth,

      Enjoyed your last training session - playing from the big blind. A bit later I'm playing 10NL 6-max and thought I'll try it.

      Is this what you were saying about calling being the last to act after seeing the flop so the check raise?

      This is 10NL and I've played a month of 2NL - 5NL in a recent PSO challenge.

      So I am new to these stakes just need to understand if I am making this sort of play correctly with >>QJo<<.

      Reads? Regular table player 6 hidden from search open raises no limp and shorty player 2 playing 24 tables @10NL - not relevant but..


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        The two sesions I attended today showed almost instant results. I played in four Freerolls this evening, having my best finish ever in three of them, breaking the prize bubble in the BanRollMob for $0.09. Asw for direct feedback, I would say that your direct approach to deliving information, not getting sidetracked, is very helpfull. Confidence will come thru repetition. This is not to say that you sound like you lack it, rather, as you continue to to teach you will project it better. Hope that helps, and THANKS for YOURS, umbup: T.O.Nelson


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          Hey Guys Just wanted to apologize for being late to today's training. Very unprofessional of me and won't happen again! I have been trying to keep the time in my head and got it mixed up, guess I will be using the PSO scheduler umbup: from here on. ForestFive I think that is a great way to play the hand. I like check-raising much better than check-calling. We don't know if our straight outs will be good if they are also a flush card, and we don't know if our pair outs will be good regardless, so much better to use this hand as a bluffing one! As you can see a hand like QJ can flop very well. Definitely a good example of a hand I would fold in the sb but might call in the bb as well. T.O. Nelson I am glad to hear it and thank you. You are welcome of course. I'll try and keep it up


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            Hey Gareth, you must be really busy with your grind and your move and all that, so there's no hurry or anything ... but something happened to my recording of live training class yesterday and it didn't record, and I can't remember what hands you recommended calling 3bets with.

            Was it ... KQs?

            Were there other hands? I forgot


            Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
            PS nh Forrest!!


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              Hey Gareth, the class recorded after all, so I'm good, thx! umbup:


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                Hi Gareth,

                Gutted I missed the 4 betting class last night. I know that it will be archived but I was wondering if you will be running it again? As I have lots of questions regarding 4 bets.

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                  Hey Oliver

                  I don't know if I will as there aren't that many trainings this month. I think if I do run four betting again maybe a good time for the class would be the start of February as it will give both members who missed it a fresh run and then those who attended a chance to refresh. But I realize there is still demand for this topic so I think start of February will be our best bet.


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                    Hey Gareth, I watched some of the first videos you had posted. Welcome week 1 and 2. And 3 or 4 of the Wcoop event.Your thought process is outstanding, its alot like Daves videos i find and it helps me relate it back at the tables. I didnt make it to the 4 betting session the other day although it would of been great to watch as I have been recently reading alot about 4 betting and 4 bet bluffs. Only thing i can think of for the future would be, a member review. Would love to have a 6 max cash game or maybe a Mtt reviewed or something. just to get more insight on what im doing wrong and cna improve on. plug them leaks so the boat doesnt sink to the bottom. I look forwarded to future videos Gareth


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                      Originally posted by Taunto_88 View Post
                      Your thought process is outstanding.
                      Yeah, Gareth's classes are exceptional - he's super smart, and highly articulate, which is I think surprisingly rare ...

                      And he plays Zoom pretty much exclusively, as do a lot of us here at PSO.

                      But if TPTB are wanting more people to attend the classes, even having just as much as entry-level class a week, held in the evenings (European time), going into the video library would be better than nothing.

                      Do we even get a Zoom class going into the library this week? Or not?? Booo if not!! Boooo!!!

                      Zoom's not the same as regular cash tables ...


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                        Hey Guys I just wanted to post a little apology here for my recent absence(s) and my upcoming absence. This is entirely my fault! I haven't done a great job of planning ahead in my life and also my plans have changed a little bit for the next two months on short notice. So you may not see my live trainings in the calendar for a time, hopefully not too long. Dave and the team have been great in lending some support and understanding so I hope to be back come March at the latest! I really enjoy live trainings with you guys, the classroom regs and those who pop their head in, so I hope to be back at it as soon as possible umbup:


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                          The timeline's really messing with my head ... or maybe my head's actually clear now? I'm not sure ... Sorry, I think I'm talking to myself ... Hey! I guess that's a great coincidence then that the Live Training schedules got cut back. Thanks so so much to Dave for being flexible abotu keeping Zoom specific classes/videos in the roster in the future. It's so helpful to have stuff taught in the same specific variant that we play - and (6max) Zoom seems to be especially popular here at PSO. Just a story to elaborate on that ... so I've been recording live training classes for personal use, and I guess I've mentioned that fact a bunch of times in the chat box. And after the schedule got changed and the 4betting class was only on in the afternoon EST, I started getting PMs from the Wednesday night regs, asking like, "yo Sam, where be those recordings you're always talking about? Can you zip me the 4betting one?" Which I didn't have because I missed the class too. Guess a bunch of us are missing our regular Wednesday time slot - but it's nice to know that the recording'll be in the library in a couple of months, along with a bunch of new ones a couple of months after that. So thanks Dave!! Hope you're having an awesome time on your adventures there Coach!! umbup:


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                            Please post your HUD layout

                            I use
                            VPIP /PRF /3bet
                            Fold ST /Fold 3bet /Fold CB
                            CB Hands Name



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                              25NL 6-max using 4-bet bet size training Hi, Some missed the 4b training - when you should or shouldn't do it - but the key was how mutch the bet should be compared to the 3b raise you are facing. Small - less than 2.5x the original 3b raise. It may not work at at the low micros but I have had some interesting results at the high micros 6-max. I hope this example ticks the box on 4b size when Gareth's training video gets into the archive?



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