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Live training attendance!

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  • Live training attendance!

    Hey Posse I have been watching the live training attendance numbers dropping over the past couple of months and I don't get it! Most of these sesions are free and yet you still don't attend. The guys put alot of effort into their work! Do we not want to learn?
    Why aren't you attending? Are you a winning player and don't need the help? Are you a losing player and just don't have the desire to win? I don't get it!
    Come on fellow PSO members lets get out there to those sessions and ask questions and submit games for The Langolier to review.

    Giddy Up!

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    Originally posted by 19honu62 View Post
    Hey Posse I have been watching the live training attendance numbers dropping over the past couple of months and I don't get it! Most of these sesions are free and yet you still don't attend. The guys put alot of effort into their work! Do we not want to learn? Why aren't you attending? Are you a winning player and don't need the help? Are you a losing player and just don't have the desire to win? I don't get it! Come on fellow PSO members lets get out there to those sessions and ask questions and submit games for The Langolier to review. Giddy Up!
    Besides time being an issue I would say it is this word "most". I personally lose the desire to bother checking IF I can watch or not. Unless I happen on a thread (so far it's just Dave) that says "Hey this is open to everyone" and it's something that I feel pertains to my limited study of just NLHE MTT's (though lately I have been looking at STT's) most likely you won't find me there. I will admit that time is more of an issue than anything else I've said here, at least for me personally. evil:
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      they are excellent indeed.

      i try to attend as many as i can,but, as i mentioned before, the fact that the session doesn't pop up when it starts means i i could sign up for one and forget about it doing other stuff.

      i think a longer registration period together with a session window popping up would do a lot.

      also, it's difficult to cater for everyone but the times can be rather inconvenient, fx, lango's sessions start at 1 or 2 am for me usually.
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        I would love to attend most classes. Since my time frame is really bad for me indeed. Hard to watch LIVE classes when i have my kids around. I have noticed my playing time sure cut down alots not to sure why that happening to me ? Anyway i'm planing on taking a break from poker for a while. Don't get me wrong here i would really want to learn about the game of poker. I'm grateful for the LIVE trainers are putting in lot of hard work into the school, and i respect that. Since i got in the school i sure did learnt alot about poker. Last thing i wanted to say i have other things are more important than poker. I will be gone mostly in Feb. Good Luck to all....


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          WHY???? There's about 232,000 members here Out of the first 500 members I've checked, 47 are playing in the open league and are above the 50,000th place and 1 has posted in the forum once. So besides playing in a freeroll, what's the attraction to come and visit this site and even the forum? All you have to do to be a member, is show up, sign up and no need to comeback. Personally, I think this place is run terribly All the promotions given to members (besides the leagues) aren't going to attract new members and aren't going to get people implicated. When I open up the site, I sometime check who's online and it's usually the same people and the number is around 60 members and 300 guests. I wander who runs this place, kids? definitely not people with marketing skills Many ideas were mentioned, but in one ear and out the other Live training should be part of everybody's learning tool here at PSO BUT, nothing is done to attract viewers. Anybody can view them at a later time since they are archived, there's time constraint, there's always people who think they know it all and answer instead of the teacher during a training. If the people running PSO are interested in a few suggestions, here are some: - Send a WEEKLY news letter and promote the training to all 230,000 members - Give out STEP1 tickets to those that participate and draw a few more to those that are viewers (get rid of promotions that don't work) - If it's to many tickets to your liking, then have the trainer ask 5 questions during the training and all the participants and viewers will send their answers to the trainers and have them pick 10 winners out of all those with the right answers. - - - - I've got plenty more ideas, but why should I give you all the answers...LOL One last thing, I've mention in the past about a solution to attract more members to the forum,,,,,, oh ya....... in one ear and out the other and you wander why there's isn't more people in the training sessions, first they need to show up here in the forum. Oh, I forgot, a forum setup without any logic doesn't help either. P.S. I was a marketing VP for a couple of years and this place needs lots of help. Good luck umbup:


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            Hi Gang, For clarity, all the Live Training sessions are free of charge. Most have no restrictions as well. A select few do have the VPP restrictions (just required to register, VPP's are not taken from your account). These are easily view-able from the Live Training Calendar Page where you can see at a glance on a weekly basis which classes, if any, carry a VPP restriction as that's shown directly next to the class title. I realize our US members find this aspect frustrating since you can't earn VPP's right now. I empathize, but encourage you to take full advantage of the non-restricted material (it's +EV, why not?), and if/when you can earn VPP's again in the future, you'll have access to the classes and videos at that time. Regarding the schedule times, we are basically running 2 time slots right now, an early slot (evening Euro), and a late slot (evening US/Canada). I know these are not always going to be great times for everyone (that's going to be true no matter when they are tbh, we have members from all over the world, members who work night shifts, etc), but we hope that everyone can at least find some times they can make. I run my sessions in the late slot because that's when my availability is to do them. I did do an early slot on the 16th of January as I was available then and Andy was kind enough to switch with me (as a Kiwi, these slots are morning and afternoon for him). I will try to do this again when it's possible for me. I know some of you who are from Europe and regularly attend my classes are burning the midnight oil to do so, and I appreciate having you there. umbup: We have more exciting things coming in Live Training, and the price is right, compliments of PokerStars. It's always +EV to put some time in towards learning and growing your game. Dave
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              1 great thing of the vid's is i can pause them! disadvantage is i can't ask questions lol for me the biggest problem is the time!1 early evening my kids want food lol and at night i am sleeping. other problem is i am working, studying, being a dad and try to improve my poker game!! i hope i can clear my shedule soon so i can participate more!! anyway i want to thank the makers a lot for their great effortumbup:umbup:umbup:umbup:


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                I specialize in STT's, and it's a bit difficult for me to put in my volume goals each week. I try to attend LT's that focus on topics that are closely related to my game, as I do value the training. I work hours that actually fall quite close to both the morning and evening slots, so attending is frequently something I'm unable to do. I routinely check the calendar for classes that I'd like to attend, though, and when I see one, I write a reminder and sticky it to my monitor.

                I've gotten a lot out of LT in the past though and appreciate its contributions to my game. Hopefully numbers will pick back up, because it's one of the best free resources on the web.


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                  Are we to believe you have no idea why there is a lack of members signing up for Live training or this just a ploy or nefarious tactic to get people talking?

                  The answer is pretty easy to see and any one that actually payed attention can see that the forum is run by people that have their head stuck in the sand. Why else do you read things on the Home page or News and see nothing till weeks later in the forum? Why else would they run off the members that turned into mods and replace them with new members for timezone reasoning or for lack of better word German background? Its obvious they have a lack of understanding how North American members relate and so they push more and more of us away.

                  Weekly turns into a Monthly positive or negative?
                  Replacing mods with German Mods positive or negative? They have a German PSO version so why run our forum as well!
                  You can clearly see step by step destruction of this site since they have come in to play.
                  But they dont listen to those that should have their ear and instead offer them a slashed wage and less voice. Its obvious just reading mod posts and seeing them edited by the Boss ten minutes later. Its become a joke and I feel sorry for Dave,Brian and Joe as they have to sit by and watch
                  something they helped build get run down the cliff.

                  Think of names that used to post a lot that where here in 2010 that where not black friday victims and you will start to see that this site has eroded from within.


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                    Hi guys

                    I'm new to PSO, but have been an avid recreational player on Pokerstars since 2008. Why did I only join PSO now? Simply put, because I didn't know about it!

                    I want to improve my game. I check(ed) the 2+2 forums daily, I have my own poker blog, I use HEM and I've read/reread plenty of books plenty of times. Why haven't I noticed or heard about PSO before now? What you are offering here is amazing.

                    1. PSO forums - I haven't seen any of the newb bashing that goes on over at 2+2
                    2. HH reviews - where else can one get real experts to give useful feedback (and fast) on any hand one wants to post - for free!
                    3. Videos - These are incredibly instructive, and once again - free!
                    4. Live training - I just regged here, the first time I clicked on the training calender, I looked for two things. 1 what type of game were they reviewing and 2 when was the live session. As a recreational player living in Europe with a wife and kids, I am limited to a 9 in the evening to midnight window (CET) for my poker activities.

                    The live training concept is fantastic, especially the off chance that I can get one of my own tourneys reviewed some day. I definitely plan on joining them now that I'm aware of them. However, since poker is only a hobby, I can't ditch work or my family in order to participate. Watching the videos after the fact is often the only viable alternative.

                    Marketing the PSO, perhaps through the Pokerstars promotion popups when we sign in might help increase membership. For the live training it's not for a lack of desire, but an issue of timing. Are certain time slots more popular than others? Is there a correlation between number of participants and views of the video after the fact?

                    Sorry about the long post, but you asked...

                    Roland GTX


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                      I consider Live Training to be perhaps the most valuable resource we have at PSO. The trainers do a fantastic job and I benefit greatly from their sessions. Additionally we have access to the video archive where we can watch classes we have missed or that we simply would like to review.

                      I am amazed that so few members choose to attend on a regular basis. The sessions are always instructive and I find them entertaining as well.

                      I don't think incentives should be needed to get people to come to Live Training. The schedule is posted, and the opportunity presented. Let members ignore the training at their own risk. They'll probably pay the price on the felts.
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                        Hi Roland,

                        Good to see you here!

                        Here is a link from Dan, our new members coordinator and a really solid bloke that will help you on your way.

                        You are right in saying that the whole package from PSO is a fantastic resource. The problem is that we have a lot of existing and long term members who may disagree on a lot of topics, but the one thing that they unanimously question how such a great product is not being taken up by potential "customers". They/we all want to see the forum grow and fulfill its potential.

                        The fact is that forums like Pocket Fives and 2+2 dwarf our membership and you see a lot more flaming/negativity than you will ever see here. What you do see however is a lot of dissatisfaction and frustration fueled by a lack of communication and an inability to see or even take on board opinions which may help improve the forum growth? People become further exasperated when they see that people who are supposed to be part of "Team PSO" have no real input and that they know about as much about what is going on as the rest of us do.

                        All the members can do is lobby for change here, and it is great to see many stick with it through thick and thin, and despite feeling as if they are just talking to themselves most of the time.

                        Sand made some great points on uptake on attending live training but from my personal point of view it is about getting real membership growth here in the forums first. There are a lot of issues in terms of navigation, user friendliness of the product and the amount of time to simply load a page that all need to be addressed. The people that know best about these things are the people that use it, so why not design/implement a structure that addresses their concerns in terms of forum navigation. There are huge amounts of successful fora, not all poker related, that have a classification that is simple and easy to use. Why not simply copy them and set the same thing up here? It is not rocket science but somehow the tangled lines of communication or maybe the inability to listen rather than just do what they think will make it better just drowns out any voices of reason.

                        A promotion that attracts more forum volume but yet is unable to convert that volume into real customers and new forum members willing to become part of the community means something is being done wrong somewhere.

                        I really hope you stay and become an active member of the community Roland, and that eventually some people might start thinking that what forum members are saying may have some validity.




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                          I still attend Live Training sessions regularly, but not as often as I used to. Partly that is down to the timings. I would attend every session the Langolier does if I could, but at 2am local time I only make a few of those. The 7-8pm local time are better for me, but they also clash with when I am playing several regular games, so even if I am registered for them I may not be paying full attention or participating actively by asking questions etc in the chat facility.

                          The current Training Calender (this week & next) shows all sessions start between 14:00 and 21:00 ET, or 19:00 - 02:00 WET. It would be nice to have them a bit more spread out over the day, and as we have trainers in Europe/N.America/New Zealand I think it should be possible to have some more time slots.

                          The other factor is the ever growing video archive - which I now use more often than I used to. there is so much good stuff there, and especially with the trickier theory stuff from Langolier I like to pause them and try to let my brain catch up, repeat sections, and go over whole sessions more than once when they fade from my faulty memory.

                          We do have more variety of trainers now, which is good, though losing one of the experienced trainers has not helped either.

                          I simply don't understand the need for the VPPs restrictions. I do understand the logic of setting the VPP levels for the League Prizes, but with the numbers here in the forum and attending live training at present, I don't believe PS are getting any value from this restriction at all, and are just hacking off the US contingent some more.

                          I always notice the rolling banner advert for PokerSchool Online in the main client lobby, so I am surprised that PS does not push more traffic here.

                          It is still a great resource. I hope they keep looking to improve the set-up, but the quality of training, from Dave especially, is fantastic and there is a huge amount of very useful stuff from all the trainers.

                          Good luck all

                          Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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                            Well the American group pays 0 rake here, so our thoughts are tossed, but what they fail to realize is that most of the people here are micro grinders, and gaining 150 Vpp's in a month is a tough go for most of them


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                              ya, as one of the shunned (US) here, the reason i almost stopped attending LT is simple.
                              i just got tired of seeing a training session topic i am jazzed about, only to open the reg. page to find once again, i'm SOL,(obviously VPPless) and it seems that happens more often than not these days.
                              the only little light at the end of the tunnel i even have is if and when i'm able to acquire VPPs, i can watch the archived vid. just not close to the same as attending. simple as that...
                              May the tinfoil protect you. MT



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