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Thanks Dave

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  • Thanks Dave

    A few different thoughts I'm gonna condense into one thread.

    First. As always, thanks, Dave, for the instruction and the zeal [that you have] to help.

    Second, I tried logging into YOUR live training the other night, and it sd that I didnt have enough points. Living in America, it's impossible to gain VPP's or FPP's or any of that stuff. However , before black friday or whatever day it was I was a loyal Pokerstars player, cash deposits via wire , etc. Also, I had recommended the site to dozens of people, and bought some of the Pokerstars line of .............well I got a hat! LOL. O.K. I wasn't a supernova player, but I was die hard Pokerstars, never even played one hand w/ Full T. Unless this was some sorta computer glitch, I certainly hope Pokerstars hasn't actually consided alienating their brand to Americans. If so, whoever made that decision is short sighted and should be fired.

    Finally, and most importantly, in your classes (which are invaluable), you come across as a straightforward, super analytical and excellent player. My question is ... am I getting ahead of myself but what type of things / plays do u advocate beyond that.

    i.e. now most of this stuff tends to be table appropriate/ and esp. if players dont have a LONG TERM read on me. i.e . after folding to several hands, opening once 3.5bb on button and winning w/ a c- bet. Then a couple hands later ....limping....yes limping in utg w/ 10js (and yes I know normally NEVER to limp esp. UTG), then getting raised. Then me re raising I was trapping him. It seems to be a pretty powerful move against the right person. It's an easy fold if I'm shoved, and still has value against the ace rag etc if im called . I'm ok w/ seeing a flop. If someone tries to steal, a re steal has worked for me, ironically in this precarious position. Should I stop that now, ? I've learned to have a plan for yor hand, and one thing I do is think of what I would do if someone would do certain things against me. My thing right now is, even if it costs me a few chips here and there, grrrrrr, I wanna play perfect poker but leaving my opponents clueless to what or who I am. Does that make sense? Please evaluate my madness.

    Usually the person thinking enough to try to steal seems ok of a player. I've never thought much about check raising either, and still don't fmuch for value. But as a bluff mechanism, it can leave an opponent in a pool of vomit. No one likes to be trapped. What do u think?

    My question, mixing it up is a given. ALWAYS c- betting is a leak, and exploitable, for example. But what do you think about some of these other types of plays that seem totally confusing to an opponent. Sorta like making what might seem like bad move if you have a chance at a poss. win. (implied odds , etc) but then there is the fact that your percieved image is skewed.

    My analytical mind seems sometimes to get the best of me. And when it does seem to, I always go back to the basics of poker which is patience and looking for an obvious advantage/opportunity. But I love ths game and am alwasy looking for the next thing, like the guy that started to dominate just by starting which became the c betting trend.

    Another thing totally contrasted using position, a clearly perceived TAG, UTG open raising with 89s ? Sorta using position in a reverse way. It's not a total bluff of course, cause 89s can play well post flop vs the ax, kinda like a pre flop semi bluff?? More importantly, a UTG TAG's c-bet is a strong play. I've got a million of these in my mind. Are they worth it? Or inly in certain desperate situations?

    Anyway thank you all in advance. Dave and everyone, as always I appreciate all your help.


    i dont mean to imply ive been around and playing when folks way back in the day like Stu Unger played great lag before that was even a real style of play cause they were amazing hand readers or even when c bettng became the "norm" ive only been playing seriously since january. I've lost a heck of a lot of games since then, trial and error. Remember Abe Lincoln lost basically every office he ever ran for except president. (I hope that somehow applies to poker, lol, and I hope we all take it easy and with a sense of levity). Happy Holidays, Johann.
    Last edited by johannfl; Sat Nov 26, 2011, 07:21 AM.

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