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Managing a Small Stack

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  • Managing a Small Stack

    Having already perfected the art of getting a small stack, I thought Dave's training session on how to manage the darn things was perfect for me. Then today I got into this usual undesirable position in the second PSO tourney and thought what the heck, time to try putting the theory into practice. I tried to remember which hands were recommended as good to go 'hot and cold' and as I was running out of chips fast, not seeing any PPs or aces, decided I would go with my next K high hand. The villain who limped actually encouraged me even more to pick this spot, as I had seen him show down with a wide range of starting hands. He got most of his current stack playing Q5, flopping two pairs and seeing off a pair of Kings.
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    Depends also on the opponents still to act behind you in this case. It's close though. If everyone else folds, and he calls with 100% of his limping range, you need 40% equity to break even on the shove. Pushing through some equities in PokerStove he needs to have a range of about 30% or higher. As described it sounds like he may be limping in at least this much. But given you still have 3 players to act behind you, this is probably a pass. If the guy is limp/calling significantly looser, that would swing it to a shove imo... despite the risk of others getting involved behind us the equity overlay would be worth that risk (for instance if he's limp/calling with 2/3rds of all starting hands, we're actually a favorite with K8o at 51%, needing only 40% to break even that's a pretty nice overlay).

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      I'm trying to remember my exact thought processes, but I definitely thought this villain might be limp/calling my stack size pretty wide - any small pp, any A rag, K hands including lower than mine, several Q or J hands, and probably a few others too. I discounted really big hands although in PSO tourneys people regularly limp monsters, but I had not seen him do that. Having said that this is only hand 57 so the info is fairly limited. I didn't have any firm equity calculations in my head at the time so I will try to firm this up to a % of hands and run it myself in pokerstove.

      I realised there was a potential problem with the players still to act, who were regular tight players, as I was pretty sure they would only ever be calling me with better, so obviously I was glad to avoid that potential pitfall. On the other hand I should have had a tight image myself. I've only won 1 pot with AK and been getting such garbage cards I have rarely entered hands. On the cut off here I also felt I had less people to get through than I was going to have the next few hands, and the blinds/antes were about to go up to 150/300/30 next hand or two. If I didn't get dealt a playable hand before the blinds, they were going to cripple any small fold equity I still had. I would probably then be reliant on hoping for a miracle monster or winning showdowns with any 2 cards.

      Thanks for your response Dave - I will review last nights class again when the vid is up.

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