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  • Buy In Question

    Was playing a soft table last night, and noticed most players either bought in w/ minimum, or others let their buy in money get as low as zero before rebuying.

    I remember in a class it was mentioned that this was a leak. My short term memory's not what it used to be. I know if you flop the nuts, you wanna have plenty chips to get in. Are there other reasons this is a leak?

    I even googled 'is min buy in a leak?' and i checked out 3 different sites/ posts, and it seems they didnt know what they were talking about, since i couldnt find a real answer, and unbelievable, many said min buy in is better so if you go all in and loose you dont loose a large chunk of your bankroll. (Of course that makes no sense to me since I never play more than 10% of my bankroll at a time anyway).


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    Most important IMO is to play within your bankroll and so the fact that you only play 10% at any table is fine. Do you play 4 or 5 tables at a time? If so you could have up to 50% of your money at risk.
    I would suggest that having a small stack of less than 10 bb's rarely affords you fold equity and so if we are going to play with a short stack then our goal is to get it all in. There is nothing wrong with this strategy as long as you have a sound push/fold game and knowledge of same.
    I prefer to come in for 100 - 200 bb's so that i have a deep stack and can play against many ranges. This allows me to make plays like a check/raise or a 3 or 4 bet which you cannot do short stacked. It also allows you to show off your post flop game by firing mutilple barrels into the station masters or allowing them to bet the pot up when you have nizzled! ( Nizzled is a Canadian term for having the nuts! )

    Gidee Up!


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      I didn't know Snoop was Canadian cowboy?

      Hey Johann, check this out...starting at about the 7 to 7:30 mark in the video.


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        Hi Johan,

        I've talked about my cash game buy in size philosophy before at various times, generally I prefer to be 100 bb's deep or more, but there might be times buying in shorter are warranted.

        I'm going to include this question in my next mailbag session, one week from tonight, I'll discuss it in detail there.

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          I appreciate the help all. Thanks Dan, yeah i saw that session, just so much to soak up at one time so i didnt remember. Lookin forward to mailbag Dave. Another great class tonight. Thx.

          19honu62 .. not multi table ing now, did a few months ago w/ s n g's and did ok. However am still learning, and am totally focusing on hand reading/ ranging skills so just 1 table right now. Im comfortable and consistently winning at .25bb tables now. So interesting the more i learn this skill, the more amazed I am at some players predictability, esp. the "unpredictable" ones i.e. loose pass, bad lags and here and there the maniac. Talk about predictable. Moreover, the most predicatble ones seem to also be the ones who pay no attention to me at all. I really try to mix up my game, and stay unpredictable, but I still will never open raise utg with much less than a prem. hand, yet those folks apparently dont get it!

          I know competition will get harder, but I'm studying hard, and hope to be a thorn in the side of any player at any level on the tables someday.

          Thanks for the classes.

          p.s. lol @ nizzle. are u for real, thats canadian? Thought it might be closer to: merci beaucoup, au voir, johann.



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