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  • head to head

    Hi Dave,

    Just finished watching your 'Sunday Million' series and loved the ending. It was like a great movie. What a plot twist. Very inspirational. What a great idea!

    You asked the question 'cause maybe there was the possibility of some people being there just for the free ticket, "Was this helpful?." Everyone gave a positive answer, especially me, even though I was watching the video. I think I know a lot about this game, but every month I feel like last month I didnt know anything; basically I'm soaking this up like a sponge. If I had to be specific with this class, the 'calling in sb to see the flop esp. when short stacked when you dont have a good hand but just think it might be a cheap thing to do. I remember the quote youre paying to play a weak hand out of position. What i leak i plugged.

    Anyway, heres my question. Now I saw someone else ask this and your answer was not anytime soon, so forgive me, but sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I was a cash higher stakes sng (w/ a .eu - im in the us) and the competition was good. Seemed like nobody was making mistakes. Anyway due to several double ups i had a lead of like 11,000 chips to 2nd place 3,700 chips in head to head and lost. Got my ass handed to me. Had a run of bad cards and got exploited even though I KNOW the cards will fall 50/50. So I too would loveto see a class on head to head. I can usually hold my own w/ sit n gos etc but feel naked if i was in a major tournament situation. I feel more confident being behind in head to head than ahead belive it or not.

    Thanks johann

    ps ..anyone else w/ head to head advice pleas post.......
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    Hi Johann,

    Thanks for the kind words, they're much appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed the series.

    As for heads up play, it's not a matter of the squeaky wheel getting the oil. There will be some limited heads up coverage by Andy and Chris in the normal course of their 45 and 90 man sng's (Andy's 90-man turbo session last Thursday went to heads up play actually), and Chris has just announced he'll be doing some single table sng's as well. I am also going to run a series on MTT final table theory in 2 parts (maybe 3, it's not complete yet, but probably 2) over the next couple Thursdays. Part 2 (or 3, depending) will cover HU play.

    So that's something to look forward to... all that being said, it is obviously not a full, focused long term HU training plan, which is what the other poster was asking for (I think). The reason that won't be happening any time soon is that we don't have a trainer on board who specializes in HU play. Strong HU play is a unique specialty that is very opponent and game flow dependant. I had someone apply to be a live trainer for HU play but they didn't have the results yet... their HU cash results were very good but over a very small sample size. I encouraged them to keep at it and possibly re-apply down the road if their success continues. If they'd had 10x the sample size they did with similar results, they'd be on board right now running HU trainings.

    So that's where we're at in terms of HU material. We'll have some coverage, but a more full time/regular schedule focusing specifically on HU play, not yet.

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      One thing that's worked some for me.... change up your game. You need to open up and play most hands and change up your betting style from what you've played up until then in the tourney.
      Basically what I try to do is to let the opp win the smaller pots (especially when you don't have cards), while winning the larger ones (by having the nuts or bluffing at it). The tighter your table image is... the more you can get away with.

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        thanks for the responses. yeah my approach tn that game was to bully a bit, by not folding any hands, but it was hard after a long streak of less than avg Q7 or below hands. then when i did have what i thought was a better hand, cause it seemed, though the villain was folding more thaan me, which wasnt a lot at all, i got doubled up on a couple times.

        maybe it was dumb luck on his part. i did beat him up pretty good throughout the sng tourney. just somewhere where i wanna feel more comortable than i do.

        thanks again guys, johann



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