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Double Gutted

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  • Double Gutted

    OK, Just a follow up from my $1 Turbo session on 28th of July. So this hand was at the final table. We are 6 handed. We are in the BB and the short stack has shoved UTG with the semi-aggressive big stack calling. The short stack has a pretty wide range, considering he is allin next hand pretty much. The big stack is also pretty wide. I elect to call with the Q8o since it's a pretty cheap price to see a flop with a big pot and reasonable cards (not great) The flop gives me a double gutshot, I checked and the bigstack bets to put me allin. I fold with 4BBs remaining. On reflection let me be the first to admit I have not this hand well. Dealing first with the situation I have put myself in. Should I fold to the flop bet? I have the double gutshot to the straight and an over card, which could be good some of the time. Assuming sometimes a Q is a clean out and sometimes my 7's & J's are not. I'll give myself about 9 outs here on average which is about 36% equity in the hand. Now I have the option to call 8k chips to win a roughly 29.5k pot (13.5 + 8k raise + 8k call). So i'm getting 3.5 : 1 on a call. So need 28.5% chip equity to call. The reasons for my folding here is to give the short stack a chance to bust, 4BBs left is tiny but not the end of the world for me. And the fact that regardless of the odds I'm getting I'm an underdog to win this pot in general. I might prefer a spot where I'm 45%-55% to double rather than 35% to triple. That being said this spot is probably a call. 35% while not good is still decent equity and the benefits of winning this pot which is 30k chips and 2nd chiplead is massive. Now onto my general play in the hand. My main problem is seeing the inital shove, I made a plan. I have said to myself I have odds to call him. Then the big stack acted and I did adapt my plan to take this new information into account. If I'm calling here what kind of flop am I looking for? Is a double gutshot not good enough? Then why call? What kind of flop was I going to commit on? Folding here is an ok option. Leaving myself 5BBs and about the same as the small stack even if he wins. A more aggressive line is reshove. Another 8k chips is a decent amount of fold equity I have a tight image and if the bigstack is calling light he may laydown here. One problem is I still have to showdown with the short stack with Q8o which is probably only coin flipping or a slight dog vs the UTG shovers range. Playing this again I probably fold and let the bigstack do the dirty work Then look to shove from the SB, Button or Cutoff Personally I think this is probably a leak of mine playing a little too tight, avoiding showdown a little too much, and not seeing the upside of winning massive pots at the FT. Good Luck Andrew
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