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lesson 25.07.2011: 45-man SnG

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  • lesson 25.07.2011: 45-man SnG

    Hero 8s8d open/limp $20 from with a stack of around $840 (about) MP1 on a flop 3d3c4s

    Im strongly disagree with this move.

    Even if the blinds are low, you had a lot of bad luck etc., I don’t see how we can justify an open/limp from MP with such hand.

    I mean, I know that it isn't AA or KK, QQ, JJ ... but 88 is still a made hand (in comparison to hands-project like AK, AQ, etc.... 88 is a decent hand that worth be played and raised specially as first in (IMHO)

    So, can you please explain better this move and why you open/limp please?


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    Hey kiroman I'm happy to answer this. The blinds were 15/30 and as you stated I was MP1 with 860 chips. This is a 45 man $.50 turbo sng so I have 29 big blinds. I wake up with 88 and am first to act as it was folded to me. I have 3 choices I beleive and they are to limp/raise/fold in that order. I am preferring to limp because I still have 5 players to act after me and if I catch a set it is well disguised.
    Each hand I play needs to be player read dependant. In other words I am acting differently depending on who acts behind me and how they act. For instance is krasnodar min raises and all fold to me I jam it in his face becasue I have seen him do that twice already in the game with QJ and KTs. Sooren and rayovernight I don't have much of a read but they appear tight so if they raise me up I consider folding.
    I want to see a cheap flop here and hopefully nizzle the set if not it has cost me 1 blind and i am still in good shape.
    What happened was that sooren, rayovernight and anperdel all called and we saw a flop of 3d 3c 4s. Rayovernight bet 3/4 pot and anpernel called so i jammed my stack feeling i had the best 2 pr and was gambling that they didnt hit a trey and were on some kinda str8 draw as a flush is not a worry. I isolate by jamming and they all fold.

    There is not one way to play this and I would be happy to hear how you woul dplay it.
    Thanks again for railing this morning.

    Gidee Up!



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