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Small stack situation in unusual tourney

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  • Small stack situation in unusual tourney

    I couldn't get this in in the class since it is a bit involved, but the final question is simple and I am just looking for validation. Thsi was a one table event with 20 min levels, 3000 chips and starting blinds of 25-50. Everyone at the table had won a table the day before to get a seat. It is winner take all for 10K and was a freeroll casino promotion. I had almost nothing all tourney and could not steal since the player on my left would play almost anything. I was down to 1200 chips at one point and the blinds were 100-200, but doubled up. A couple of hands later the blinds had escalated, I got the AA that I mentioned and got the blinds. Now I had about 3200 chips. 6 players left. UTG +1 ( a solid good player with maybe 15-18 BB) raised 2.5 x (1000). I pick up AKo on the button and I think this is a snap shove so I did. Of course since I am writing about it it doesn't end well. He calls with QQ ( I didn't think that he could fold in this situation) Flop comes KQx and I'm out. I don't think I could have done anything else. Correct Dave?


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    You have seen the guy play and with your example. I muck. Not many here muck AK, matter a fact. No ONE!!!!

    You could have gotten away for nothing. I will preach this until I die. If you have nothing in. Get OUT! Wait for a better spot. Math be damned. I MUCK............Easily!!!!



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      I have mucked AK numerous times, believe me!



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        I have mucked AK preflop before too, plenty of times.

        None of them were on a stack of 8 bb's however in this type of spot. Folding a premium hand pre on a short stack is a serious mistake in a winner take all format.
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