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Mistitled Live Training Replay

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  • Mistitled Live Training Replay

    "Session 2: Managing a Medium to Short Stack in MTT's" is mistitled. The session is about commitment decisions.

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    Decision - to Commit to managing a Medium-to-short stack in MTT!?

    Hi, Dave;

    Well, I was scratching my head too, over the title-header of this one - until the very end - when I got a good chuckle over it.

    In fact, the "border screen" around the presentation screen all along had the Header title, "Managing a medium to short stack in MTT"!

    It was funny!

    But, and by the way - I have a solution to that! - Don't get short-stacked!

    Intimidate 'em - Push 'em out of the hand! Take control..... and avoid those pesky short and medium stacks.

    Seriously, though, THIS one session - re: Commitment Decisions - is going to be one of my more important matters to address in my game - and it is SO spot on!

    I DO play cash, and I HAVE HAD THE VERY problems you spoke of - I'm there - at the cash table, I .. bet "overly" heavy - and dog-gone if the villain on the other side of the table isn't... PUSHING BACK! NOT FOLDING! Can you just IMAGINE THE IMPERTINENCE??!!! I mean the Gall! Doesn't he KNOW I HAVE THE (short-term) nutz??

    Well, I have .. "reasoned" in many-too-many of those situations, that I had already "pulled the trigger", so, I stuck with "it" and my "decision" (albeit - a poorly advised, and ill-timed and not-well-thought-out-one, and.. Gone All IN!).... and you can imagine the results!

    No.. Don't imagine it! I'll tell you!

    I went bust! ARRGGGHHH!

    So, I will be reviewing this "stealthily-named" poker-training tape, and trying to figure out how to modify my approach(es) in future games.

    I have started insta-sending myself my "Last-Hand" transcripts - of such hands - I'll guess that a number of them are because I didn't plan before-hand. (My style is ..."Fire!, Ready?, Aim!)

    I may share them here as I unearth the ones for which I don't see how I could have taken more pre-emptive.. .measures BEFORE I .. screwed myself!

    Once more, THANK YOU! Great stuff!



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      Yes, I'll contact PSO-staff to correct the title.

      I had the 2 classes mixed up on my calendar, so I thought I was doing the commitment decisions in NLHE class when the live training scheduled showed the managing a medium to short stack in MTT's class (it had commitment decisions on the following week, I had the mtt class on the following week). No one said anything til I finished the class. lol The class titled in the video I actually did run the following week.

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        I will get this sorted today.



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