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omaha and pot odds

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  • omaha and pot odds

    ok did i make a mistake? I thought i might have pot odds and have to call. I had about 8K be4 this started (5K starting chips)

    aha12877 dealt down Ks Tc Ah Kh
    player A posts the small blind $200
    player B posts the big blind $400
    player Ccalls $400
    aha12877 raises $400 to $800
    Player A calls $600
    player B folds
    player C folds
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 5c Js Jd ]
    player A bets $400
    aha12877 calls $400
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Jc ]
    Player A bets $2,500 and is all-in
    depraved: up to 10K again-i caught A-K of that spade suit and got three callers
    aha12877 called time
    aha12877 called time
    aha12877: obviously i don't have the case J
    depraved: lol
    aha12877 called time
    aha12877: but i do hacve a very high PP
    aha12877 called time
    lonestar: COME ON
    lonestar: FOLD IT
    aha12877: it's amatter of if u have it or not
    aha12877 calls $2,500
    player A shows cards 7c 9c 3s 9s
    aha12877 shows cards Ks Kh Tc Ah
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 6h ]
    aha12877 wins $8,200
    aha12877 won with a full house, jacks full of kings

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    Maybe it's more a question of whether playerA would re-raise you preflop with Aces. Given his stack he should, to try and get it headsup. So on the turn your only worry is the case J, in which case he ought to check with the mortal nuts and entice you further in.

    Also, with a J he would surely blast away at that flop? The betting suggests you were leading all the way.