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Just Wondering!??

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  • Just Wondering!??

    Since joining PSO, I notice in chat, a lot of people using the word "goot"!?? As in,,,my hand is "no goot"? Is this word,,,"goot",,,a poker expression I am not aware of, or is it just something someone started here, and everyone else picked up on?

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    Goot question


    That's a goot question :?:

    I never heard this word (goot) until I came to PSO. :idea:

    A colloqualism invented by someone trying to be cute. :roll:

    Synonym for 'good.' :?

    I cast no stone but I've seen many abberations of the language. :

    (knowledge, perverted) May be some invasion of the pervert. ops:


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      Actually, the word "goot" was coined by stkjk (Andy...El Pres A Dent Tey, of EC2) at the introduction of EC2 when he admonished everyone in the school to " play goot!" and gain admission into sorta just grew from there. Another PSO term that is popular is "sooooted" for suited, when justifying a call if one feels the need to do in ....."but it was soooooooted" (the number of oooooooos seems to vary!
      Hope this answers your question, and if there is any prize for posting the answer first, just add it to my bankroll. This is "PSO Trivia for $500, Alex", isn't it? *and yes, I answer was not in the form of a question* :roll:



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        G00t and s00ted have been around a lot longer than PSO. A lot of people on RGP use them. It probably originates from the days of irc poker.


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          Thanks! I just didn't want to be the only one who was clueless to the PSO "lingo"! lol GL to y'all at the tables! Play GOOT! WHOOOHOOOO!!


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            "goot" not only predates PSO but it predates RGP/IRC and even the internet. It is a not unfriendly ethnic usage based on the Filipino/Oriental/Latino speech patterns in California card rooms in the 1950s. Another was "eet's all in de draw" when two people are all in before they draw cards at 5-card draw or lowball.


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              Very interesting, I never knew.




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