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omaha hi/lo question

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  • omaha hi/lo question

    here's the hand, i am not questioning the play of the other players just my own i won, but lost $300

    aha12877 dealt down Th Ac 2d 9d
    lltoolj posts the small blind $25
    aha12877 posts the big blind $50
    babs7 folds
    royw calls $50
    tko14 folds
    rggator folds
    molson calls $50
    getreal folds
    meisterwolf calls $50
    wacokid folds
    lltoolj calls $25
    aha12877 checks
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 3c 5s 2s ]
    lltoolj checks
    aha12877 checks
    royw bets $50
    molson raises $50 to $100
    meisterwolf folds
    lltoolj folds
    aha12877 calls $100
    royw calls $50
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 4h ]
    aha12877 checks
    royw bets $550
    molson raises $504 to $1,054 and is all-in
    aha12877 calls $629 and is all-in
    royw calls $365 and is all-in
    royw shows cards 5d As 9s Kd
    molson shows cards 4d 4c 7d Ad
    aha12877 shows cards Th Ac 9d 2d
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ Ks ]
    molson wins $139
    royw wins high $286
    royw won high with an ace high flush
    royw wins low $143
    royw won low with five low
    molson wins low $143
    molson won low with five low
    royw wins high $1,219
    royw won high with an ace high flush
    aha12877 wins low $406
    aha12877 won low with five low
    royw wins low $406
    royw won low with five low
    molson wins low $406
    molson won low with five low
    Starting hand #11775522

    should i have just folded if i know that i will probably end up splitting 3 ways?

    I lost $300 on this hand
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    Your mistake is calling the bet on the flop. The two on the flop should have meant an automatic fold.

    You are drawing to a miracle card on the turn and even if you do get your miracle card any A2, A3, A4, or A5 have the same hand and any 26, 36, 46, 56, 67 etc take the high. Your odds of getting quartered if your miracle card hits is extremely high. Most likely one or both of your opponents have an ace.

    You have little to gain here and a lot to lose. Even without the flush card hitting on the river all of the higher straight possiblilities result in you getting quartered very often.


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      You were counterfeited on the flop with no insurance: why did you call? Especially a raise, but actually any bet at all. You had no high and at best a draw to a share of low.

      You were the BB so, OK it was a hand you had to play, even though it was mediocre (this wasn't limit: A2 isn't even close to an autoplay in PL).


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        it was pot limit, and i was BB with no raise preflop (I would have prefered one)

        Let's us another example:

        I hold same cards A2T9

        and flop is 3 5 4 (disregard suits)

        and a turn of 2

        2 still in and bet is all in 2 me, A and any of them i split, and i know i don't have hi hand, is folding wise?

        or better question, if i feel by calling i win with low, but not hi, but feel a lose by splitting should i concede?


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          The others said it...
          On that flop you had nothing, and no prospects. Easy fold.

          Chasing half a pot is bad in O8, in PLO8 it can get very costly.


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            Agree, agree, agree. You should've folded on the flop. You may be up against wheel and 6-high straight already; and with a two-toned flop, you're very likely to get quartered should you make a low, or even sixthed.

            As for the PL example, it depends entirely on betting patterns before and after the flop. You don't fear splitting with A-wheel card; you REALLY fear getting quartered by someone with something like A367. Need more information before pursuing that hypothetical further.



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              In limit you may loose a bet or two when quartered (bad result)

              In pot limit you're calling to get half or less of your money back unless its heads up. With two suited cards and 2,3,5 you must fold to any significant bet in multi-way pot. You will occassionally catch a few players running a bluff in this situation, but this is a costly time to play sheriff.

              Pot limit O/8 is not a game for sheriffs. catastrophry