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another AK hand

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  • another AK hand

    Sat all ten still in blinds at 50/100
    57sauce dealt down As Kh
    p1 posts the small blind $50
    P2 posts the big blind $100
    P3 folds
    P4 1 folds
    P5 folds
    P6 calls $100
    57sauce raises $350 to $450
    P8 folds
    P9 raises $450 to $900 and is all-in
    PT folds
    p1 calls $850
    p2 folds
    P6 calls $800
    57sauce calls $450
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ Qc Ac Js ]
    p1 checks
    P6 bets $2,225 and is all-in
    57sauce folds
    p1 folds
    P6 shows cards Ah Jh
    P9 shows cards 7s 7c
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Ts ]
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 8c ]
    P6wins $2,225
    P6 wins $3,700
    P6 won with two pair, aces over jacks
    P9 finishes in 10th place

    Was the original raise large enough? Should I have re-raised pre flop?

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    You got your money in when you had the best of it and you got out when you were drawing to 7 outs. I would have dumped AJ preflop to a raise and all-in re-raise. So you got a player to call when he/she was dominated. That's what you want. He/she just got lucky.

    I don't think you are getting the AJ player out with a re-raise pre-flop*, so I think you played it just fine. Anyway, you want him/her in. And I'm sure you'll still have opportunities later in the sat to get his/her money.

    Peace, Starrs LSOGC

    *Stack sizes would help here. If you and AJ both had much larger stacks than the field and you have him covered, a re-raise preflop might have been called for. If you and he had over 3K and everyone else had less than 2k, then I don't see how he calls an all in from you. But otherwise, you played it fine.


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      Thank you,

      All exept for player9 we had aprx even stacks between 2500-3000



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        I wouldve reraised all in with my AK, but it seems like the moron who called initally with AJs anyhow wasnt going anywhere...still, I love going all in with AK vs AJ every time, despite what may fall...