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good play?

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  • good play?

    $50 $1000 added PLHE 5000 start chips

    57sauce dealt down Qh Qc
    Gem56 posts the big blind $200
    Midnightsun folds
    depraved folds
    PLAYER raises $500 to $700
    57sauce raises $600 to $1,300
    Scarz folds
    Gem56 folds
    PLAYER calls $600
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ Ah 5s Td ]
    PLAYER checks
    57sauce bets $500
    PLAYER calls $500
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Kd ]
    PLAYER bets $3,900
    57sauce called time
    57sauce called time
    57sauce folds
    PLAYER takes back $3,900
    PLAYER wins $3,900

    Looking at the reraise preflop and the bet on the turn. Any thin To do better? player said he had AA.

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    No way he had AA. He flat called your reraise. If he had aces, he'd have been jamming it in. The more likely scenario is he had an ace, and hit. Maybe even a king, which he hits on the turn and decides to test you with. I don't think I even bet the flop there when he checks, if he wants to give you a free card, let him, maybe you hit a queen and take his weak ace out. You can try and represent aces on the flop, but the problem with that is a lot of people don't understand that play and are going to call you with any weak ace or draw.

    No problem with your preflop raise - but I would have checked the flop and as you did, correctly fold on the turn.


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      I got no problem with either play.

      Preflop with QQ, you could have:

      1) raised bigger
      2) flat called

      either are not horrible plays. I would have probably popped it a little bit bigger than you did, but....

      Post flop, the $500 is not a bad bet. The player prob did not have AA as hazy said. If he did, he should have been trying to get all your chips preflop.

      On the turn, GOOD PLAY on your part

      Don't get stubborn with QQ or KK when an Ace falls.