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Insane home game!!!!

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  • Insane home game!!!!

    Some of you may know I am new and I love playing hold'em. I am not very good, but I am trying. I have introduced Hold'em to my home game and now it is all we play. Low limit 1-2 dollars spread limit usually 6 ppl. My problem is that the game is very aggressive and very loose. Two of the guys I would say are Maniacs. The rest will go to the river if they have any draw or pair. I try to play tight and when I catch the flop I am aggressive. The things is that the two Maniacs will go 3 deep on the bets every card. It seems more often then not one of them will catch and win a big pot. I do usually win at the end of the night, but not very much.

    Am i playing this game correct? Should I not play this game?
    I am confused! I know that the way they are raising and reraising and everyone going in that it is probably correct for them to be in with straight and flush draws..Right? Please any information on how i should handle this.
    I would like to thank everyone that has helped me on this site. I am trying to become better. Maybe soon I will be as good as the players on this site. : )

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    Short-handed hold'em is somewhat different than a full table (9-10 players). Although short-handed is typically considered 4 or 5 players or less, a 6 handed plays differently. Semi-bluffing is typically a much bigger part of a short table game. Big aces and pairs go up in value, while connectors and other such hands rarely see the proper odds to continue. Pre-flop raise requirements are less as are opening hand values.

    A tight aggressive tournament strategy is not the optimum for short play and post-flop play becomes vitally more important as the table size shrinks.

    In a 1-2 spread limit structure chasing is usually the right play, especially when pre-flop raising builds the flop. If the limits are the same for all rounds it promotes chasing draws. A low limt short table games is a recipe for wild play.


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      Buy Gary Carson's book. It' sthe best in terms of teaching you how to think in these games.

      maybe Abdul's website along with the Swimming with the fishes website would also help you.


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        So these guys are playing it right and im playing it wrong. Ok i will adjust. If the size of the game increases to 8 or above I will go back to my previous strategy.


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          I didn't mean to imply that they are 'right' and you were 'wrong'. You do have to adapt to different situations however. And small limit games are notorious for being loose since the bets are small enough to be insignificant to most bankrolls.

          You can't control their play, only your own. The references Noodles gave are great ones for the type of game you describe.