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Using advanced plays in microstakes and freerolls

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  • Using advanced plays in microstakes and freerolls

    Do plays like cold 4-betting, 3-betting, squeeze play, etc. work in freerolls and in microstakes tournaments? I've noticed from experience that people will call like 3-bets, 4 bets, squeezeplays, etc. out of position with anything. Lots of calling stations in freerolls and microstakes. Is it safe to say that making these plays with wider range of hands in position or not only work against stronger opponents?
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    I suggest TIR (tight is right) and not FPS (fancy play syndrome) in the micro stakes or free-roll games. They will call an under pair to a 4 flush board double paired and wrap. If that's even possible!


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      Advanced Plays

      So basically against inexperienced players if you do make these advanced plays, that it's best to do it with a tight range as opposed to wide a wide range of hands? Is that basically what you are saying? Sorta lol
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        I've been grinding a lot of microstakes MTTs for the past few weeks as I have had more time on my hands.
        I agree with what ForrestFive says, that micros villains will often call extremely light, especially early in games. However, I have noticed that as the game progresses and less skilled opponents go away, 3-betting, re-shoves and, squeeze plays can be profitable against the right opponents. I have been getting a tremendous number of folds and easy chips 3 betting late position opens.
        Haven't done a lot of cold 4 betting unless I had the goods. Plenty of value spots and steal spots around not to require too much 4 betting!


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          Yes, and when you are in a 3bet pot with AK in position and miss the flop? What do you do if they donk shove 10x pot in your face? Fold, your tournament life is more important than guessing if it's bluff. We have 6 outs to a 1 pair hand that probably is not good. umbup: Sorry, Overlap simonrdr post. Yes later stage still be careful. a new table you didn't observe how they got their chips. So read positional plays and showdowns if you can.
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              Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
              I suggest TIR (tight is right) and not FPS (fancy play syndrome) in the micro stakes or free-roll games.
              I agree. All that trying advanced plays in these will do... is to sink us.. not them. Play straight-forward and do not try any fancy plays is the key to winning them.

              John (JWK24)

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                Two quotes on this that always stick to me as a good rule of thumb...

                First was from former head-mod here,Trumpin Joe,who once posted here that playing one skill level above your opponents is often profitable,but when you start trying to play 2 or more levels above them you end up punting money/chips as often as not.

                And from the great playwright and poker fan David Mamet..."You can't bluff someone who isn't paying attention."


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                  [ What? ]

                  Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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                    Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
                    I agree. All that trying advanced plays in these will do... is to sink us.. not them. Play straight-forward and do not try any fancy plays is the key to winning them.

                    John (JWK24)
                    I agree, I have heard it said a bunch of times and it is right as rain, three rules to playing micro stakes

                    1. don't bluff
                    2. don't pay off
                    3. value bet, value bet, value bet.

                    these players are not ranging you for the most part and they figure hey I have got a pair, or they see experienced players playing garbage hands on tv and think " well if they can play it I can play it " so running bluffs or 3 and 4 betting without a made hand preflop is generally a losing play.

                    I have completed a play chip challenge going from 1,000 to 1,000,000 play chips and these are the same type of players that you are running into in your games. I stopped pushing small edges and while I normally c bet a ton around 70% give or take, I lowered my c betting to pretty much only value hands or good situations only as bluffs.

                    It may sound silly but if you want to learn to play against loose players that will call with any two cards, go and play in the micro stake play chip games. It doesn't cost anything and you learn to adjust your game against these types of players. I recommend the 1K nl play chip zoom, don't vary your opening size just keep it at 2.5 or 3x what ever your normal preflop raise is and go from there. You will get plenty of practice vs loose passive and loose aggressive players.
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                      Glad I read this post after playing my freebie micro stakes tourney tickets from PSO. The style of play there is so infuriating that I began calling all-in with trash hands myself early on (normally I am a good PSO pupil !), just because I saw all-ins with 73o trash guys with high pair, connectors, suited aces etc. I actually think the micro stakes are probably more challenging to play as a novice than maybe a higher stakes table where players respect the money and understand what bets are being made. I haven't played a higher stakes table, so that statement might be totally wrong.

                      Thanks for passing on your wisdom guys, keep it up, its appreciated.


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                        These players will be in ALL stakes... just less of them in the higher ones, but they will be there.

                        I played four live WSOP Circuit events over the last 10 days and some of the plays that I saw in those (lowest was a $200 buy-in) were straight out of a hubble freeroll.

                        Players open-shoving big hands (which means they can't make a chip as a competent player will only call with better) or slowplaying big hands.

                        Someone against me slowplayed AA (limped it preflop), I was in the BB with 37 and since it was free, saw a 3 7 9 flop. I check the flop, AA bets, I shove and get called. They get a one-way ticket to the rail for not raising preflop, as I obviously fold my 37 to a raise.

                        I also knocked out a guy with 28o. Was in the BB and they got short enough that they only had less than 2BB.. so when it folds to me, I'm calling with two blanks. They go to the rail when my unders hit a 2 on the river.

                        John (JWK24)

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