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Bubble play- Difference between video and text courses

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  • Bubble play- Difference between video and text courses

    Hi everyone,

    I spent a lot of time reading and rereading the STT SNG courses and the advices seem to differ quite a bit between the written advices and Grayson's videos. The text tells us to play way tighter while Grayson's suggest a more open and looser play. I understand Grayson's advices might apply more to lower stakes but I still find confusing as both are related articles.

    Maybe a streamlining would be a possibility ?

    On a side note,

    I recently ordered the Theory of Poker and was wondering what would be a good follow-up read for someone who prefers MTT's and STT's to cash ring games ?



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    When in doubt, I'd lean more towards Grayson's advice in this case. The reason being that he's a sick STT grinder and knows exactlymwhat he's doing. The best thing though would be to stay aware of the hand ranges of your opponents and take ICM into consideration. Once you learn to apply it somewhat correctly, which will take a lot of time, you're already ahead of 95% of the field in the lower buyins. ICM stands for Independent Chip Model in case you need to google it if you're not familiar with the concept.

    As for things to read, it depends on your level. Most MTT litterature are focused on more advanced concepts and assumes you're a high level player playing against a field of mostly high level players. I could recommend the Harrington On Hold'Em books as they go through the fiundations you kinda need to know by heart. Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time has more in-depth analysis which really gets you thinking why you take any specific action at the tiurnament table. Then there's always The Raiser's Edge which is absolutely fantastic for when you need to apply a LAG style of play or defend against it. It contains advanced plays and requires a lot from you as a player but it pays off if you can apply it properly.

    As for STTs, there's sites like Sitandgoplanet for example. I'm not trying to advertise for them and don't think they sell anything anyway (if they do, don't buy anything or use any of their referral offers). It's an excellent source for sngs and they even have a four part course in STTs that allowed me to grind them wih high volume. I think there's also books on the subject even though they're rare. There's one in the PS vip store I can't remember the name of right now but I guess it could be worth a read.

    Good luck!



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      If it helps , I have also read a book by Colin Moshman titled, Sit' N Go Strategy, and found it to be very helpfull.

      Good Luck at the tables.


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        As long as my stack allows me, generally I like to go pretty hyper-aggro around the bubble when playing an STT, but this largely depends on how the table is playing and whether they'll let me get away with it.

        Often the bubble is the best time to accumulate chips to make a 1st place run.


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          Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely check them out !



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