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What adjustments do you make for turbo structure tournaments?

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  • What adjustments do you make for turbo structure tournaments?

    What adjustments do you make in a turbo torny compared to a regular or slow speed one.

    does starting stack effect how you play?

    So yes there is a reason I ask. Played event 71 last night a turbo super Knock out with a 5k starting stack.

    after an our I had stats of 10/4 and down to 3.8k.......

    so .....

    Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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    Hey Grade b!

    What I do in a turbo or a hyper is to widen my range slightly (not much), but the key is that I will start to go into shove/fold mode much quicker. Instead of waiting until 10BB, I'll be looking to open-shove at 15-20BB.

    10/4 for you... that definitely doesn't sound right.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      In turbos I find player observation very important, as often you will be running card dry and won't have time to wait until you pick up a top 10% card. Which players folding to small 3 bets that won't cost you chips, who is playing way too loose, who can be pushed around, who isn't defending their big blind. It's probably high variance but it seems to work for me. And as John says, start shoving sooner. Your average recreational player doesn't understand shoving ranges and the like, and for many of them their calling range will be JJ+ AQs+ so you will steal a lot of pots that way. Don't make the mistake some people do though of going crazy out the gate just because it's a turbo.
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        Thanks guys shoving earlier was not even something I had considered.

        And yes I reviewed the hands and my top 3 hands AQo in middle position 99 in the small blind (hand I busted with to BB TT) and 88 in early position
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

        13 Time Bracelet Winner


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          yeee play your standard game. not nitty and pretty much same thing. some spots where you can 3bet all-in a bit wider because you may have more fold equity against stealing (opponent dependent) and your stack size is good for it. yee standard LAG, TAG, MTT. I would certainly widen range a lot, especially in position a lot just in any MTT. you are point like a super nit. lolz. good luck.

          PS: if you have more fold equity shoving 15-20bb go for it, or if you think a weak ace will call when you have AK go for it. but it depends on your opponents calling ranges. you can't just shove with 20bb like you would with 10bb. especially against clown fish. and there are lots of different types of clown fsih. 20bb stacks are better for reshoving, certainly not open shoving to wide. risk/reward ratio not highest EV in most cases
          im not sure though. what you think?


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            I don't alter my strategy too much, but I'm willing to take more flips and even slight -chip EV spots than in a regular speed MTT.

            Being 10/4 after an hour - sometimes you just get card dead! I know sometimes this sort of thing happens to me if the table is aggro and you just don't find any good spots. Maybe also you're multitabling. As long as it's not a common thing, I wouldn't worry too much.



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