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Sng hand. Advice On How to play please.

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  • Sng hand. Advice On How to play please.

    i read many books a d watch some videos and i do not get it one idea in one hand

    when i am on SMALL BLIND (BLINDS FIRST OR SECOND LEVEL 10/20 OR 15/30 )


    and my hand is something about K4 off two or tree players limp so i need to put 15 for pot of 135 many books and videos said thet i need to fold

    i did not get it is it so dangerous spot thet my king is dominated or what

    can somebody explain WHY ?

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    The way I would think of it corona_sb is what flop would make you happy to bet for value? Any time a king hits there are 10 other combinations of King-X that beat yours, and AK, KQ, KJ and KT will be a big part of the ranges for anyone who has decided to enter the pot. The only time I would feel comfortable betting K4 on the flop was if a K and a 4 both came, and the chances of that are so rare that it isn't worth the investment usually.
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      Hi corona_sb!

      Plastic Pearl is correct here. The problem is that we will be continuously outkicked so we either win a small pot or lose a big one. Hands with one big card and one little card are nothing but trouble and need to be mucked as they are way too weak to play.

      The small blind is the worst position at the table, so I want to play the absolute least amount of hands from this position, compared to the others.

      John (JWK24)

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        Ty i had same dilema


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          the books and videos are absolutely correct

          just FOLD

          gl in your games, may the FOLD be with you



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