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Poker Goals for Beginners

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  • Poker Goals for Beginners

    I'm a relatively new player, I've played live poker in the past with friends and a bit of online play money and have always liked the game. Recently I've got a bit more interested in playing as more than just a recreational thing. I have been playing regularly online for the past couple of weeks now and am enjoying the challenge of learning and trying to get a winning formula together. I haven't made a deposit anywhere yet but want to take the plunge on Pokerstars if I know I can maintain a bank roll. I've been practicing a lot on the play money section at Pokerstars and have been taking advantage of free rolls and free money at other sites to get some more experience. For example, I've won a few free roll tournaments, including getting through 2 satellites for Mega Poker Series on Poker770 where I've currently got a €21 buy-in ticket for the tournament qualifier. Only one win away from a free seat at the tournament, all expenses paid! umbup: So, on to the question. I've read through quite a bit of poker literature online and have seen that most pro players are all about setting goals for themselves. So with all of the above in mind, I was wondering what kind of goals are good for a beginner like myself? I'd be living the dream if I could progress to a level where I could maintain an income from poker, but we can all dream. Out of interest, in contrast to beginners, what kind of goals are the pro's setting for themselves?

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    Any goals you set should always be attainable. When playing recreationally my first goal is always to make sure I'm having fun, other ways there are better ways I can spend my time. I also think about what type of player I want to be. I like playing MTTs and SNGs, so a suitable goal for me might be to final table a scheduled $1 MTT. Good luck!
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      Hi AJ, This is a really interesting topic and something many beginners will overlook but is so important to advancing your game. Last year we had a promotion called Time Vault where players set out goals for the year and kept track of their progress and I learned a lot about goal setting from this. Be you a pro or a complete novice the process is the same, just the goals themselves that change slightly and that's all to do with what you want to get out of them game. For the newer player more emphasis should probably be set on the learning and skill improvement side and working on mental game etc and the goals be structured such that more of your time is put towards achieving this. For pros perhaps more of the goals would relate to volume and win-rates, moving up stakes etc.. which of course should be the aim of us all to some extent but less of a focus in the beginning. Also you may have heard about goals being S.M.A.R.T., which is a kind of framework and stands for Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely. I'll link an example of a good set of goals using this at the end. So firstly think about what you want to achieve (e.g. improve on your game, becoming winning at a certain stake, move to a certain stake etc.), what you ant from the game. Write these general goals down with a realistic timeframe on when you could achieve them. Then think about how you will achieve them, making some kind of plan. So for each general goal you have shorter term goals that are steps working towards your final aim and for these shorter goals you have a set process of things you will physically do to work on them. I'm not sure if I'm really making this all clear so best to take a look at this thread set out by Paul, the Community Coordinator here at PSO. I think it's a great example of how things should be set out. You can also have a look through the Challenge & Battleground forum for other example, some of which are beginners who will have some similar goals to what you may have or might give you some ideas about what you want to do. Hope you find this helpful and good luck with it all! umbup:

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        This is a topic that falls down to individual preference.

        Where are you now?

        What do you wish to accomplish in your chosen sport/hobby/career.

        How long will that take?

        How will you get there?

        How will you know you have met your goal?

        A.N. Example

        Yearly goal.

        To improve education for students with Autism.

        Time Sept 2006 - July 2007

        1. Research Read scientific Journals about the Learner on the Autistic Spectrum
        Time 3 months - read 6 articals 2 per months sept 2006 - nov 2006

        2. Attend Training by Thames Vally

        Dec 2006

        3. Check with other staff members in the school and the school board.
        sept 2006 - July 2007

        Review of Yearly goal. Although I learn a lot about How students with Autism Learn and see the world I also learnt hat I do not know alot about this subject and it is far more complex than I had first thought.

        (t was on my 2013-14 learning goals again)

        how might this translate to Poker?

        Goal to learn how to play No Limit Texas Hold'em (NLHE)

        1. research poker articles and books on NLHE

        2. Attend live trainings at PSo and look through The Video Archive.

        3. Talk to poker playing buddies and people in home games and poker forums.

        Review _ holy moose so much to learn Cash games, zoom games, Starting hands in different positions,Short stack play big stack play. Tournaments, Turbo , normal, hyper turbo, Sit and goes.....

        new goal Learn to play NLHE Cash games concentrating On ABC TAG poker At 2NL looking at starting Hands in different positions..... Time 1 month.

        And so on...

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          Thanks a lot for the feedback. The link to royalraise85's post about his goals for 2014 was especially helpful. It's exactly the kind of stuff I've been looking for. There are some really good ideas there and it's well laid out. Super!

          I notice that he does not make any monetary goals, just to make a profit. This is something I picked up on from research that I had already done. It's not a good idea to make monetary goals as you will alter your playing style based on whether you are below or above your target, i.e. more reckless, or more passive. This is why I needed some guidance because I had no idea what else I should be working torwards.

          I was aware of the S.M.A.R.T. goal structure, we all had to use it in college to set our goals. It's a good base format to be thinking about when coming up with a plan. Also Fadyen, you've given me lots of ideas to work on there and I will definitely want to incorporate some kind of learning process into my goals.

          After having a read I've been thinking about setting some goals, but for now I'll just set one; to make a Poker Goals Plan just like raiser's. It's a good point that PlasticPearl made that playing should be fun and I want to maintain that for as long as possible, if not indefinitely, so I will keep that in mind when choosing the goals.

          Once I come up with something I will share it on the forum and hopefully recieve some constructive criticism



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