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Odds & Outs Chart - Please Explain

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  • Odds & Outs Chart - Please Explain

    You have misunderstood the question.

    I fully undertsand the OUTS X2 OR X4 rule.

    The chart in the lesson seems wrong for instance it says the odds of hitting and open ended straight draw (8 outs) by the river is 2.1 but how is it? according to the 2/4 rule an open ended straight draw by the river has a 32% percent chace of winning.

    32% chance is obviously not equal to 2.1 odds like the chart says.
    A 50% chance would obviously be 2.1 so why does the chart say otherwise if is is not wrong?

    There a other mistakes too, like the it says the flushdraw has a 2.1 odds of hitting the flush on the river. How can it be 2.1 odds when a with a flushdraw has 9 outs wich equals 36% chance of hitting the flush on the river. Again a 36% chance does not equal 2.1 odds like the chart says.

    Here is a link please can somebody tell me how an open ended straight draw by the river has odds of 2.1 i work it out as more then 3.1 PLEASE CAN SOMEONE TAKE A LOOK AT THE CHART AND SEE WHAT IS WRONG AND EXPLAIN PLEASE.
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    The odds going to the turn are always double what they are going to the river, as you get to see two more board cards, instead of one.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      you misunderstood me, i fully understand the 2/4 rule.

      I have reposted the question again because it needs to be looked into because it seems wrong and it is a lesson. It should be correct.

      If it is correct then can someone please explain how a 32% chance of landing your open ended staright on the river is 2.1? 2.1 would need a 50% chance not 32.

      Same as the flusdraw, it says you have 2.1 odds of hitting it on the iriver but its a 36% chance not 50% wich is 2.1

      I am working it out by counting the outs and X2 for the chance on the turn and X4 by the chance on the river like i was taught but none comes to 50% as 2.1 odds would need.



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        An OESD has 8 outs, so on the flop, this has a 16% chance of hitting by the turn and 32% chance to hit by the river. 32% is very close to 33%, which is 2 to 1.

        A flush has 9 outs, so it's 18% to the turn and 36% to the river.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          I think I see where your misunderstanding is, it's very common to think 2.1 is a 50% chance but you should think of it as a ratio. For every twice you don't hit, one time you will, so 2 to 1 is 66% to 33% if you get what I mean.

          Personally I would say it's actually 1 to 2 but anyway, I hope this helps explain where the numbers come from.

          Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

          Bracelet Winner


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            Yes that is where i hace been wrong then, if 2.1 is 33 its correct. I thought 2.1 was 50% andd that is why i thought the chart was wrong. thanks that has cleared it up lolumbup:



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