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6max - what the ?@#!, another 3bet!

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  • 6max - what the ?@#!, another 3bet!

    Hi guys,

    Playing 5nl zoom 6max poker. I already play really nitty, but villains constantly 3bet against me (or if not me someone else). Most of the time I am OOP and since I don't really know how to respond (unless I have the nuts) I fold.

    So guys, what should I do?

    I was wondering what you guys do when this happens? Like ranges and stuff.

    The thing is, as this zoom, for one you don't really see the same villain again, but also, if you do watch the hand, someone ends up folding (usually the guy who called the 3bet) so you are still pretty much in the dark with developing reads.

    I have recently moved over from fullring, but these games are aggressive, but I really don't know what to do - apart from fold.

    Please see my 6max graph.

    Non-showdown looks like I have become a spewer. My "went to showdown" stat is around 22%, so I don't think that really is the problem. Is 22% ok, or do you think I am missing out somewhere. "money won at showdown" stat is 53%.

    My non-showdown lost rate is around -16bb/100. What should it roughly be at 6max?

    I fancy doing a bit of math.


    6,458 hands have not gone to showdown. I am losing at a rate of -16bb/100, so 6,458/100 = 64.58
    Therefor 1033.28bbs since a bb = $0.05. Money losses is around $52


    128 hands have gone to showdown. my "went to showdown stat" is 22%, yet 128/6568 is not equal to 22%, so this stat must be calculated in some other way? Can't they make these stats easier to analyse! However, I am winning at a rate of 625bb/100 and so therefore 625/100 = 6.25bb per hand. 128x6.25x0.05 = $40

    therefore I am sat with -$12. Felt like a bit of math.


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    I don't know how applicable this is to 5nl zoom, when I played there was some aggro regs but not everyone is 3betting super wide.

    I have a pop up to show me what villains 3bet stats are from each position, and percentage versus each position. This will give me a good idea of how many bluffs they have in their 3betting range in a spot versus value hands.

    If I believe they have a lot of bluffs, and i'm in position, I will flat a fairly wide value range. Post flop stats help too, flop cbet in 3bet pots, turn, overall aggression factor, wtsd etc.

    OOP I tend to play 4bet or fold, the 4bet bluffs I use will normally have blockers to their value range (suited aces, kqo, Ajo etc), but you should not overdo this. Just pick your spots against obvious candidates for it, over time in a zoom pool you'll start to identify aggro regs and maniac 3bettors. Some villains will flat 4bets, ip especially, so watch your sizing and don't give them a good price to call. Depending on 3bet sizing 22/24 bb should be enough without pricing you into a shove. Plus there is perceived fold equity if villain 5bets and you have a value hand.

    Also your own image is important. If you have 300 hands on a villain they have the same on you. What's your ft3bet percentage? If it's more than 65% I believe villains can profit by 3betting atc against you. If this is the case you don't have to go crazy to lower it, just take some hands from the top of your folding range when you are 3bet and flat them, and maybe 4 bet some more bluffs.
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      Cheers paddy.



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        This is my problem too. Playing NL25 Zoom and if you open (especially in early position) you seem to get 3 bet a lot and it is hard to know what to do. After a while you can get a reasonable sample and see that some regs are taking taking liberties with very high 3 bet % in late position and the blinds, but it is still hard to know how to play good but not great hands.

        Playing regular tables means you can always 'wait for a better spot' if someone is playing too aggressively as you can trap them later, but playing zoom it feels like you are getting run over sometimes. And of course the times when you do make a stand against these super aggro player and you decide to 4 bet stack off with JJ or AK they flip over AA!



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