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Rocks or tight aggressive play

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  • Rocks or tight aggressive play

    Is PSO raising a bunch of rocks or are our tournament leaders playing a style of poker we should emulate?

    As most of you know, I am not a good player, not even average. So recently I decided to observe a good player for some pointers. Thanks primarily to having his picture and deeds plastered on every page of PSO material, I selected "Depraved" as a person whose style is worthy of emulation.

    To put it mildly, I was shocked at his tightness, and I am uncertain whether the style I observed (or erroneously perceived) is considered as appropriate tight, aggressive play. Do most good players only play AA, KK, QQ(late), AKs, AK or AQ(late)? I did not observe him play any hand outside this group, but obviously I could not see hands not called.

    On one occassion, I did see him play AJs from late position. He limped in and he and the BB checked it thru to the river. But I never saw him play:

    (1) AJ or AT from early position,
    (2) Suited connectors against a big stack,
    (3) Small or medium PPs, or
    (4) Attempt to steal blinds, and
    (5) Bluff (semi or otherwise).

    I did see him fold what seemed to be 50 or more hands in a row (excluding his blinds) and I believe in one tournement he played only two hands in the first hour and one-half (moaning some board talk about not getting cards).

    Is this the recommended style of play or is he a rock? Tell me "It ain't so, Big Bo".

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    ok did you watch the whole tourny?
    how many hands did he win with out a showdown?
    why would anyone play suited connectors against a big stack?
    i cannot comment on a certain player or his style (even though my notes on depraved are kinda empty)

    but some people think i am ultra tight some others think i am kinda loose but 90% of pots i win dont reach showdown and most NLHE players that i rate i rarely see play many hands early in a tourny rarely need to showdown a hand

    when i do have to showdown it's usaull with premium hands because premium hands win most hands at showdown and only time i am getting to showdown is with a good hand or when i been caught stealing.

    i have notes on most of the player in the school i have played against (new members in past 2 months notes are thin as i been slacking) and can honestly say there is only 3 players i would put as rocks and a hundred or so tight aggressive and that there are more loose aggresives in the school than any other type.
    loose agrresives are the most dangerous players to play against all though the playsers than win most often are tight aggresives.

    as long as players are not loose passive and tight passive i dont see any problem with there style of play.


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      I'm probably in the category most people would label as "rock" but I can guarantee you two things - if I play a hand, I'm not checking and calling unless I'm trapping, and two I'm coming out firing.

      As for whether I only play cards in the upper brackets of a starting hands chart - well, that depends on who I am up against. Against a loose calling station, yea, that's probably what I'm going to do. Against someone say like Depraved, or rggator, I might make a move at them with a lesser holding. Against someone who isn't loose, but is rather aggressive like jmuzzey, I pick my spots, and pick them carefully, but I can and will do so with something other than a big pair. It is as apryll said months ago (in a post that was shamefully deleted) all about table dynamics. In big bet poker, it is much more important to play your opponent than it is to play your cards - no one, and I mean no one, can sit back and wait for big pocket pairs and hope to win a tourney.

      For example, just last night, in a late night NL tourney (depraved coincidentally was at this table, funny how we didn't enter many hands together), a player who had raised my blinds on several occasions did so again. I had ten four off. I decided to make a play back at him and raised the pot. The BB who had 77 (they told me later) laid down. The raiser called (with what he said later was AK - which means he wasn't stealing, but that's not my point). The flop came 554. Sure I only had bottom pair - but no way am I thinking this flop helped my opponent. I bet half pot and get a call. The turn is a ten. I push in. If he has anything with a ten and called my reraise so be it. He folds, and I take a 17K pot, playing something other than a big pair. Now I won't do this often, but it more than makes up for the 5 times he did steal my blinds.


      P.S. For the record, few if any of the hands I ever play see a showdown - about the only time that ever happens is when I am all in, or when I call an all in.