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Losing with Full House

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  • Losing with Full House

    Hi, I recently lost a pot to a full house while holding myself a weaker one. Could this have been avoided or was it just bad fortune. Thanks for any helpful comment(s)

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    Everything can be avoided.

    On the flop the pot has been raised and re-raised. You have an under pair. Your hand has very little value at the this point and should be an easy fold.

    You cant approach poker as only your cards you need to be ranging your opponents and understanding what they are betting with. a raise and a reraise tells you the other players think they are strong. Ignoring that will always cost you money.

    On the flop assuming the villains are strong you have 2 outs (the remaining 2 3's in the deck). That means you will hit those outs 4% of the time by the turn and 8% of the time by the river. the pot is currently giving you 2:1 approx. meaning you would need around 33% chance of winning the hand to make it profitable to call here.

    It is unlucky that you hit one of your outs on the turn and make your hand as it is already crushed. You were drawing dead. But in my opinion a fold should have been made on the flop


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      Pre-flop is fine,calling the .02 to set mine. Understand though that with a weak pair like 3's set-mining is pretty much the only value our hand is going to have.

      So when 4JJ flops,there's 1 over and an over pair on the board,we have to respect ANY action in front of us as any 4 or J has our 33 crushed,never mind that there could also be other pairs that split the 4 and J's...55-TT (though from 77-TT I would expect the pot to have been raised pre,not always though). And on a 2NL table I wouldn't even rule out someone thinking that slow playing AA-QQ is a good idea. Again,all of these have us crushed.

      Raise and then a re-raise here equals easy and automatic fold for us,we're pretty much never ahead here.

      In short the trouble here comes from being around to see that 3 hit the Turn and make our boat. We should never have been around to catch that card in the first place,trouble then is avoided.


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        Although calling is 'ok', I would much rather have raised to isolate the limper - ...say 3x + 1bb for the limper making it around 8c. However, regardless of the above, it's definitely an automatic fold on the flop. In the long run, paying to see further streets in situations like this will lead to you spewing money. Hope this helps.



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