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how to steal

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  • how to steal

    very often i lose a hand because i chicken out or whatever when it comes to steal the pot. i know this because i've seen other players steal a lot.

    so basically im not tough enough or to afraid to try steal thinking i might lose all i have bet.

    im in need of advice how to overcome this style of playing, and to get much tougher in these situations....

    so if you have some advice, feel free to share it!!

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    Hi gelove,

    You might like to review two of TheLanoliers videos on stealing the blinds:

    Attacking the Blinds from the CO and Button and

    Attacking the Blinds from the Small Blind.

    Hope these videos help.

    2 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Raising/Stealing/3Betting and even 4Betting shouldn't be a big deal. Its about normalising it and being comfortable doing it so it becomes a natural part of your game and not some scary move that worries you.

      What I would suggest is dropping down to a limit below what you usually play (or if you are already at the lowest buy in and bankroll is an issue hit the play money tables or freerolls) and try some exercises.

      I would suggest trying the following:
      -Play a session and when it is your turn to act pre flop and nobody else has bet you are only allowed to raise or fold. Calling/Limping is forbidden.
      -Play a session where anytime you are on the button and the action is unopened you have to raise/steal regardless of your cards.
      -Play a session where when you face a raise pre flop you have to 3bet or fold.

      I have suggested doing this at lower limits or in play money as there is potential to lose until you start to get used to the different situations you will be creating. Hopefully by actively doing this it becomes a more natural part of your game.

      The key thing to grasp when it comes to increasing pre flop aggression is that every time the action comes to you it is an opportunity to raise/bet. The question you should be asking yourself is not "can I call here?" it should be "can I raise here?".

      Im not suggesting going crazy. And when you do this you should be very mindful of position. The point is to get you acting aggressively and experience the different situations that can arise when start acting more aggressively at the table


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        thanks a lot, HokyPokyToo.not only did you give me good tips, you also made me realize how much there to learn by watching videos of different situations.

        thats very good advice for me, etchos. been doing some sessions you advised me to do. have a much better understanding about it now.
        i still only play low limits, mostly freerolls, no need to throw away money by playing at a to high a level for me. but im getting there...

        so thanks guys!!



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          One key with it..... the steal bets need to be sized the exact same way that you make your value bets. Anything that looks out of line will be picked up on by an observant opponent, which is something that I'd need to avoid.

          In tourneys, it's best to wait until after the antes kick in before stealing. Build your table image early, then use it to your advantage later.

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner



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