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what does my stats say about me...?

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  • what does my stats say about me...?

    Hello guys! Been playing on and off, mostly cause of lack of time and timrzones (i live in norway). Anywho, i have some Q's about the stats in the PSO open skill league. So i have attached jpg's of my stats after just one tournament.It would be nice if someone would explain to me what it reveals about me as a pokerplayer and maybe more give me hints on what i should change to improve my play umbup: Remember this is after just one tourney, i might have using different techniques in other tourneys... Still learning. Really hope someone can give me tips. Regards Gelove - Frode

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    Okay well this is a slightly different format than im used to seeing stats but.......

    the big thing that stands out is that you are entering 23% of pots pre-flop but only raising 1% of the time. These stats should be much closer together around 2-5% apart. Essentially this means you are calling way to much and not taking the lead in the betting pre flop.

    In laymans terms you are playing passively. You need to work on upping your aggression and look for opportunities to raise preflop in position.


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      thanks etchos

      that was a very good tip for me. i have often wondered how different aspects of play makes an impact on other parts of playing.

      I know i tend to be quite passively, and this tourney was pso open skill league tourney, so im play passively at the start. its not like playing regular MTT's. but some aspects are a like. what i read out off ur advice is to slow down betting pre-flop, and be more aggressive after the flop.

      thanks a lot man!

      i take any advice you or others has to share

      regards from norway //gelove



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