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Pre session warm up - how to

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  • Pre session warm up - how to

    I've read Mental Game of Poker of Jared Tendler long time ago. But Only now I start to realize how important it is to make yourself prepared for the session. Otherwise my mind just goes blank for the first 20-30 minutes and this cost me a lot of money, especially in the morning when I just wake up. I'd like to listen to all suggestions and then I will share my approach to this.umbup: Cheers, Z.

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    Hey zecode

    A good one is to do a session review before you start the next one. That way you have some poker hands in your head before you start, maybe spot some mistakes you made and be aware of those going into the next session.

    Even looking at a few hands in the cash/ tourney analysis forums gets you in the right frame of mind when starting the grind.
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      Hey, thanks for mentioning that Jared Tendler has stuff on doing warm-ups in his book - after you mentioned that I did a google search to try and find a quick reminder of what his tips were, and saw this entry on his blog:

      1 – Mechanics and Techniques

      In every sport there is technique. A golfer has a swing that needs to be honed, a tennis player has a technique for hitting a tennis shot and a soccer player has a technique for striking a ball. However, poker players don’t often think about the mechanics of making a decision, moreover, they don’t consider the decision making process as being a technique in and of itself. Essentially you have to look beyond specifics of what you’re thinking about, such as should I be 3-betting here or not? What you need to focus on is how you gathered the information and the logical decision making process you went through to come to the conclusion of whether to 3-bet or not.

      A lot of players talk about making errors when they play. Sometimes they act too fast and forget to consider prior action, or they fail to consider how aggressive an opponent has been. Their failure in each scenario isn’t just that they acted too fast, it’s that the actual mechanics of how they made the decision have broken down. This breakdown may be caused by some mental issue, but the bottom line is that it exposes a weakness in the mechanics of their decision making process. However, this process can be trained and it can be trained in a similar way to how you train mechanics in other sports.
      There's more, but am not sure we're supposed to post more than excerpts from other sites?

      Guess that's what I've been trying to do, with my warm-up ... mine is just to read this little 8 point list of specific steps that I put together, of stuff I'm trying to remember to consider at the tables? Some of those points are like:

      - before c-betting, remember to range people first for specific hands they might call or fold with

      - when faced with a re-raise holding a really strong hand, take your time and stop and think through the hand before acting! Are there stronger hands the villain would play this way, in addition to weak ones?

      - stick to equity and stop bluffing! ()

      Just realized in reading the Jared Tendler tips though, that maybe might list might be better if it's like a step-by-step for one thing, rather than a mish-mash of all my leaks pooled into one summary? Since I decided to stick to working to one thing at at time?

      How do you do your warm-up?


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        Also a great one if playing zoom is to observe some hands, take notes, tag players. Really gets you into the right mentality for grinding.
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          Originally posted by TrustySam View Post

          How do you do your warm-up?
          Well, first of all I think that Warm Up should be highly personalized, to suit not only the poker discipline: i.e. Cash, Tournaments, SNGs, etc but also reflect on the kind of person you are. Some people hate to browse Hand Histories, some prefer a coffee and an instruction video, Some people enjoy listening classical music or do meditation (i am), etc.

          And this is important: if we play poker to enjoy, then the pre-poker warm up should be even more enjoyable and interesting, motivating and so on.

          I want couple more examples of people actually doing warm up at least couple times per week, or better before every single session. As they should know what is good at least for them.

          are there any?


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            I too intoduced a warm-up rutine after reading Jared's book. Here is what I do in 99% of my cash sessions.

            Berfore I sit down to play (2 minutes)
            1. Get something to drink (want to have it on hand for my session)
            2. Do a few pull-ups (just gets the blood flowing prepping my body)

            While firing up my PC and software (3 minutes)
            3. Make a note of one or two spesific learning topics that I want to be particularly focused on. (Sometimes it is a mential note, sometimes I review my learning journal.)

            Starting a session (10 minutes)
            4. I open one Zoom table or 2 regular tables first. I want to play 10 minutes or so at a low volume before adding more tables. This change alone has had a significant impact on my overall profit rate. I used to have an expensive habbit of overplaying big, single pair hands at the start of my sessions. This was a mental issue; not being in the zone yet. Starting slow gives me the extra time needed to avoid this mistake. Having added a warm-up rutine has pretty much removed this major leak from my game.

            I also have a cool-down rutine
            Do a quick review of the biggest pots. I make a note in my journal of why I took the line I took, especially any emotions (beliefs, notes etc) that were involved. When I do my weekly review, these notes really help me figure out where and why things went wrong. This too comes straight from the pages of TMGP.

            I agree that having a warm up should be personalized, but having a warm-up definitely helps!


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              PS: Welcome to PSO


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                Hello zecode

                Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline!

                Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Feel free to look around the forum and post any comments or questions you may have.

                You are invited to join the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club. Information on how to join the club may be found HERE. Hope to see you there!

                Good luck at the tables.


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                  Originally posted by wiltshireman View Post
                  Hello zecode

                  Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline!
                  Hello Wilt! thanks for welcoming me!


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                    here we go! finally released new version. And now, to my opinion, it's worth to be shared. Surely Poker Goals and Leaks are the main things to be kept in the forefront of your memory, and therefore WARMed Up prior to play Poker (Multiple repetition is the KEY). But Session Timer saved me several times already from 10+ hours session(I tend to do it when tilt grow high and never feel good after that). I also use it as a Poker Cool Down, to avoid transition of any negative emotion from Poker to real life.


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                      Just finished reading an amazing book

                      Just finished reading an amazing book from Haseeb Qureshi - "How to be a Poker Player". Outstanding material.

                      And not to surprise he recommends to have a good Poker Warm Up before session too.

                      Also, to put more importance on poker goals and leaks you can make them public on Facebook now!!
                      The tool I use "" went Social.
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                        Another detailed review of
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                          Cooling down after Poker


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                            solid stuff here umbup: always remember you can cut a session short if you are losing your A game



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