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pre flop betting

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  • pre flop betting

    hi guys

    Can someone please confirm if raising 3/4 times the big blind is standard in STT MTT and Cash games? if not can someone please spell out the different ways in which pre flop betting should go?

    also, is the cash starting hands guide chart (found in basic poker course cash tab entering the pot)good to use for STT and MTT as well as cash?


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    Hello daveymck_31, Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline. Here's a short video about PSO and what it has to offer you. Also check out >>This Page<< for more info. We're here to help you so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and thank you for being a member of PokerSchoolOnline. For MTT/STT bet sizes, here is what I use. 3BB+1BB for each limper until the blinds hit 100/200. At 100/200, I lower to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. Then at 1k/2k, I lower to 2.2BB+1BB for each limper. For cash games (I'm more of a tourney player), I use either 3 or 4.. depending on how deep the stacks are. For starting hands in tourneys, that chart is a good starting place, but what hands I play or not will be dependent on how many BB's I have in my stack too. For example, if I don't have 15X the bet in my stack and the opp's stacks.. then I can't play small/mid pairs to setmine. When I start to get shorter staked in tourneys, the hands that I play will change, especially when I need to open-shove when I get to around 10-12BB in my stack (or up to 18-20BB in a very fast tourney). One thing to remember in tourneys vs cash. Cash is all about accumulating chips while tourneys are just as much about chip preservation as they are about accumulating chips. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      In a STT i'd focus on preserving my stack until the later stages . Exploit ICM .
      Bet sizing depends on table dynamics . If you can min raise without resistance then feel free.
      Starting stacks also matter. If you start with 75bb i think you have to be nittier with bet sizes than a deep stacked game. Deep stacked games give you lot more leverage.
      Mtt's you have to get moving so i'd use the 5-10% calling rule.(If raise is 5 % of your stack , it's an insta call. 10% is a folds. In between is a grey area.) and try and stack someone with suited co
      nnectors, Suited Aces or pocket pairs. Raise premium cards only from UTG ( AA-TT, AQs+ AKo) . Then add hands as you move position. So , for example, Utg +1 drop to AA-99 AJs AQo+. Really loosen up from the Cut off and attack those blinds. This is not static though. Lags can play far looser from any position and still mop up. Although Lag is more about maximizing image. So it is for a exloiting a higher advanced opponent.

      On cash, do you play fr or 6 max? 6 max cash is a completely different ball game . A lot more aggressive and the realm of sets . full ring is far more relaxed.



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