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Help With ROI calc please

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  • Help With ROI calc please

    Hey guys i was wondering if any of you maths wizzes could work out my roi and tell me if it's good or not.
    Background is i started a $0 bankroll challenge at the start of last july's osl league. So 3rd of july 2013 to present and i was wondering how i'm doing but i can't quite get to grips with roi calculations and have no idea relatively if they are good or not. Below is a breakdown of my figures.

    Fpp's - 50Fpp's spent 75 cents won
    Freerolls - $39.07 won
    $0.02 sit and go's - $23.26 spent, $32,13 won
    $0.10 sit and go's - $24.00 spent, $17.85 won
    $0.50 sit and go's - $0.50 spent
    $0.10/11 MTT's - $8.11 spent, $11.76 Won
    $0.25/27 MTT's - $16.60 spent, $45.09 Won
    $11 MTT - $11 Spent
    $2 MTT (from free tickets) - $9.05 won (Effectively $11 spent as 5 free tickets)
    Cash at $0.01/$0.02 tables - $287.22 spent - $289.60 won.

    Even if someone could post the calculation (in simpletons code) i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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    P.S. the 50 cent tourney was a mistaken register that's how that's there lmao and the $11 was a treat for the anniversary tournament.

    Gotta have a treat sometimes


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      ROI = Gain/Investment x 100

      So for your 0.02 SnG you gained 8.87 on an investment of 23.26. 8.87 / 23.26 = 38%


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        Thanks joe. Good at maths but always get stuck with %'s.

        What kinda % would you say is a good band to be in. for consistency.


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          Any positive ROI is considered good.

          One time, a cable show had a pro gambler talking about how much of a ROI is appropriate for table games like blackjack. His comment shocked me. He said a pro shoots for no more than a 10% ROI. Yeah, surprised the (censored) out of me too.

          Way to apply it to poker is to have specific check points. In ring, check each hour. Once you have that 10% profit, bank it and go wild with whatever is excess. However, (and human nature will say the opposite), when you go broke, end your session. In tourneys, I would suggest 100 games as a benchmark. If you have a positive ROI over that 10%, consider going to the next higher level. Under 10% but profitable, stay where you are for another 100 games. Losing money, consider dropping.

          As a former table game dealer, I can tell you this is sound advice. Cannot tell you how many players make a great early run, don't pocket that initial stake plus 10%, and go bust. Always remember what I told my players: Kenny Rogers is a liar. A smart gambler knows how much is on the table at all times. Have a stopper amount if you play rings and stick with it. There is always tomorrow if things are bad and the good times never last as long as you want.



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