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Stack to Pot Ratio (SPR)

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  • Stack to Pot Ratio (SPR)

    Hi grinders. I am having a hard time with SPR. Just need some clarity. Many sources of info focus on top pair hands only , which isn't very helpful when set mining. I have a chart:
    Low SPR = 0 - 6
    Medium SPR = 7 - 16
    High SPR = 17+

    Low SPR: Overpair- Top Pair - Lower Two Pair
    Med SPR: Top Two pair - Sets - Flush + Straight draws
    High SPR: Sets - Big Flush + High Straight draws

    Can anyone give any advice on this chart , i.e., should you only play top set with an SPR +17.

    Any insight into SPR would be excellent.

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    I don't think it's quite as simple as saying "Only play X hand with SPR of Y". Various SPRs certainly help you manouver with certain hand strengths, but it doesn't mean you have to fold a set if the SPR is very high. It's all about pot-commitment. With low SPRs, you get pot-commited sooner, which is fine if you have top pair or better. But with high SPRs, you don't usually want to get stacks in with one pair, so you'll usually try exercising some pot-control, by checking and calling instead of betting and raising.
    Dave made 3 excellent videos on these topics.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Thanks again! Will watch the vids. Just a quick question. May be covered in the vids but if i reach commitment threshold of 10 % (This figure may be wrong) does this mean i cannot cbet bluff the flop as any bet would commit me?


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        IIRC, that question is answered in the videos, I believe.

        You're only truly committed once more than a third of your stack is in the middle. You cross the threshold of commitment at about 10% of stack, so you need to plan. It's OK to fire a c-bet, but you need to know what you'll do if called or raised. As long as you know what you'll do when you see the turn, it's fine to c-bet and then give up if bad cards (or a big raise) come out.
        Bracelet Winner


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          Excellent. You see, i've been levelling myself recently with SPR and pot commitment. Thanks again.



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