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Hole cards

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  • Hole cards

    Hi everyone!

    Last few days i have been playing MTT's, and it has been frustrating. Any tournament i play somehow i have been dealt with Category 8 cards and it makes me play too tight. Sometimes it happens like 30 hands in a row and it scares me see the flop. Any advise, experience to share how to play in these circumstances?

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    Poker is a game of patience. When you're getting bad hands, you need to keep folding and folding and folding. 30 hands is nothing though. These streaks can last for hundreds and hundreds of hands and the only thing that you can do is to keep folding until you get a better hand or a spot to make a play IN position when it's folded to me.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Thanks! Will work on my patience.


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        Like John said 30 hands is nothing. It sounds to me that maybe you're playing one table and becoming bored. You might want to play multi tables, it sometimes helps to keep you on your game by preventing boredom. How Many tables is up to you, whatever you are comfortable playing.

        Another thing to do is look for good spots to steal when you're card dead. That could be opening in late position, with a really wide range and taking down the blinds. or Squeezing if you know its a good spot. A good exercise in recognizing these spots is to play blind. that is with your hole cards covered. Its fun but its hard on the bankroll so you may not want to do this unless you don't mind the loss.

        Finally and probably most importantly you should be reviewing your games a lot. I probably spend more time reviewing my games than I do playing them. It is the one thing that has helped me improve the most, because I can see my mistakes and try to think of ways to plug those leaks. You will probably start to see good spots to steal doing this too.

        I hope there is something in there that helps you, and very good luck at the tables

        John (FireMedic815)

        P.s. when reviewing don't forget to note the other players when you see something noteworthy.
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          The old hedgehog is relegated to play money only, so consider that a factor.

          I've gone as many as 200+ hands with nothing but class eight hands, it means being blinded out of some games, or getting so desperate, I go all-in with a non-threatening bet, such as $500 on a $100/$200 round. Like variance, it seems to last forever. Push through by playing, but stick with smart play. If your luck is like mine, eventually you'll have a run of class one hands that will be memorable.

          If you have the ability to get hand history, set one day aside to review your latest play. Make notes on where improvements can be made and make that your next week objective. If you can afford the software that can perform such reviews, or help you when reviewing your play, consider it a sound investment. I'm green with envy since the dot-net version doesn't allow hand history and the dot-com is blocked for me as an American player.



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