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  • pp vs pp

    how does this happen so often sitting there with kk guy next to me with aa look at the board nothing to scare you off just typical following the guide below to work out the chances the guy after me would have aces there is a 2% chance you would feel thats fairly good odds your safe well clearly not **deleted link per TOS JWK24**
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    **moved to more appropriate forum JWK24**

    bet sizes, bet sizes, bet sizes.

    Preflop, a standard opening bet is 3BB+1BB for each limper. With no limpers, I need to bet 180... no more.. no less.

    Postflop, bets need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. With 2 opps, I need to bet 2/3 pot.. no more.. no less.

    The only time that I want to not make the standard bet is if this bet is over 1/3 of my remaining chips, which pot-commits ma and means that I need to shove.

    Players that bet more with better hands and less with marginal ones are basically turning their cards face-up to an observant opponent, which is something that I absolutely need to avoid.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      I agree with John here. Deep stacked or in cash games I size my bets depending on position and not the strength of my hand, I may adjust my sizings now and then to experiment but not based on the strength of my hand.

      On the flop what were you trying to accomplish with the over bet shove? You are value owning yourself here. You are folding out all the pairs under the Queen and even some top pair hands that you want value from and usually only getting called by hands that beat you. On that dry of a board I don't want to bet so big that nobody can call.

      John (FireMedic815)
      Tournament of Champions Winner 2014

      4 Time Bracelet Winner



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