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Advice for play against MTT final table aggressor

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  • Advice for play against MTT final table aggressor

    Hi people

    looking for some advice. got to a final table and managed to raise my stack to be in the top 3 players but it wasn't a massively open table. stacks where pretty even throughout. the player in question plays a few all ins and after a few losses the player then goes to all in every move. normally i would sit back and wait but i watch 2 players call with better cards ie: AK os against his 73 os and he comes away with full house and make a huge stack 2/3x anyother player

    how should i combat this?


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    Short handed you can play looser, an Ace or a King is gold compared to needing strong kickers or a two pair to go with it at a full ring.

    There are some players that will be willing to min.raise all the way from UTG, especially when the table is tight because they know that a lot of people will fold more often than not. With antes, if you are stealing and getting folds 2/3 occasions then its a +EV move.

    Also, if you are stealing, by definition you are in position so if you do call a small re-raise of your steal, sometimes it can pay off if you hit and if not, you can always C-bet.

    There is no reason to play overly tight at the final table. Dont get reckless but feel free to steal regularly, play sub-par hands to risk a cheap preflop to hit a lovely flop

    If your table is really loose though, tighten up so when they attack you, attack back with a dominating hand


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      Cheers for the tips. I have to say since going through the advice in the PSO i have seen my tourny play improve which is great but always great to get first hand opinions too.



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        I'd recommend you go to any PSO live training sessions that focus on tourneys. There's even some in the archives that deal exclusively with final table play and managing a short-stack. Correct play on the FT is heavily based on stack sizes, so learning push/fold ranges is of paramount importance.
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