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really struggling at the moment someone help me please

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  • really struggling at the moment someone help me please

    hi ive been in a downward spiral for the last three weeks and not sure what to do i feel that there have been a few times when ive tilted but overall but this is happening in all my tournies im losing confidence in my premium hands because i get called by weaker ones and thet outflop me with a weaker kicker or worse i find myself being best in hand and still losing am i doing the right thing ? can someone please help me i just wanna build me bankroll
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    Hi there, I'm not sure what games/stakes you are playing at but it is worth noting that at the micro-stakes variance can be a killer.

    Ok in the 3 spots, where I have a choice on how to play, the fourth hand you were short stacked and was going to be blinded out, you were unfortunate of the higher full house but you had the worst hand. This is how I would play the other 3 hands.

    Hand 1 99 UTG i would have done the same a open raise of either 2/3x when the guy 3bets to 900 this suggests a steal to me also with 99 I have a good hand and enough equity to warrant calling here. 500 to win 1600.

    Hand 2 A 10 when the button goes all-in I am folding in this position, although we know he has A 7. The all-in suggests a premium hand AJ+ or pocket pairs most of the time we are behind here so I would fold.

    Hand 3 3 3 again there is an all-in, here I am folding to any aggression more than a standard 2/3x raise above the blind. As i would only be set mining and can get beaten by alot of hands.

    Thats how I would have played the hands, getting beat when you have a better hand is tough, but you need to work on your pre-flop game first, seeing that you had the better hand on paper to start with can be a blow to confidence but these things do happen, and although it is the better starting hand from a post-flop perspective they may not play so well. You just need to move on from in and when a bad bet does happen and you begin to tilt that the time to walk away you'll only make more mistakes, its not worth playing if you can play your A game.


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      thanks for the info archie always good to hear from other people im just struggling to get on with my bankroll, im playig 3.50 9 man turbo sngs and i get up a lot but then for some reason lose it all again within a very short space of time i have tried hold em manager 2 didnt really get on with it maybe didnt understand it that well and ive rread strategy books as well so now i think im getting confused with too much info so any help would be greatly appreciated thanksumbup:


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        Sounds to me like you have a bankroll management problem and are maybe getting a little ahead of yourself , I would want a $350 bankroll (100 buy ins)to play $3.50 sit an go's and if a downswing hit i could step down to the $1.5o level until i am properly rolled to be back playing $3.50's.


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          Nothing really wrong with your play you was never much infront or behind on any of them the only one i thought you made a really wrong move on was the 99 you shouldve called that to see what the flop brought.The main thing to remember luck takes a big part in this game,so try not to stress to much when you are beat i know it can be hard i struggle myself when you get called by something like 7 4 off and they hit trip 7s,But try to just remember that sooner or later your better play will win.


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            Originally posted by donkkilla76 View Post
            The main thing to remember luck takes a big part in this game...
            To quote a poker playing friend who is a psychologist:
            There is no luck in poker, only variance. - - Dr Tim Lavalli formerly known as The Poker Shrink
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              ^^^ Pretty weird statement from the doctor, in my opinion. Variance (literally the divergence from expectation) is caused entirely by random luck.
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                Originally posted by ArtySmokesPS View Post
                ^^^ Pretty weird statement from the doctor, in my opinion. Variance (literally the divergence from expectation) is caused entirely by random luck.
                This makes me wonder what you have been smoking Arty.

                Variance is predictable over a sufficient sample size. Luck by definition is unpredictable. If you get situations where you are ahead 3:2 you will win 60% in the long run and lose 40%. You are not lucky 60% and unlucky 40% of the time.


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                  Luck & Variance

                  I think luck happens with the deal of your hole cards & variance comes after and what you do with them. Just yesterday, at my fav card room - California Grand Casino - one of the players remarked that poker was 95% luck. I smiled at his remark, but did not comment that while that maybe true, what happens after is the variables - the pre-flop, the flop, betting, etc.


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                      I've always felt that the distribution of the cards is pure luck, assuming the deal is honest. Every card has an equal opportunity of hitting the board, being in your hand, or that of your opponent.

                      Once the cards are dealt, that is when skills take over. How you play is what determines how far the game goes. Just remember that with each card revealed, a little bit of luck is in play. Sure, you have the ace-high flush on the flop, but if you let your opponent see the turn, you might now be in danger of losing to a full house. Your skill will decide if that turn is played, luck can change that hand to trash.

                      As I've told others, if the odds of you winning is 99%, that means you could lose.



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