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Am I a good investment?

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  • Am I a good investment?

    I am doing really well right now and crushing the 25c games --- right now I am at 250% and with 37/100 games done, we are almost at break even (just under $1 to go) so lots of pure profit on the horizon in this run

    My OPR

    So, based on that, my OPR rating of about 91%, my strong open league performance ... Would I be a good investment for higher buyin games?

    The SNGs are OK but there is something more glamorous in the MTTs and lots more money to be had.

    I would welcome any positive or negative comments on this

    Just to be clear, I'm not looking for a stake since I am already in one,

    I would just welcome any advice on where my ability level sits with the games I would get staked in
    (Ie am I only good for the low level SNGs or would I get support in playing some of the higher buyin MTTs?)


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    only 1 way to find out the real answer to this and that it to set up a stake thats bigger and see if you get any backers.... if you dont ask you will never know


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      Good point

      My plan was to keep at the 90 mans but go up a tier however the next ones up at 50c are turbos which doesn't fit my play style then you have $1 180 man games

      So my thoughts were to get a 50 game stake of the $1 180- mans, putting in whatever I can make in profit from my current run and getting staked for the rest

      I would welcome any opinion on me moving from 25c 90m to$1 180m?

      Is that a logical step or am I missing some factor?

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        the next step up for a like for like game is the $2.50 90 players, but that is a big step up in buy-in amounts.

        $1 180 players are good fun, but they are a different game to the 90 players due to the bigger field and stronger players is a small factor also.


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          There is always the $1 45man or the $1 ko. 90 man... I reckon the KO is a bit more aggressive play making it harder to read people and setup plays

          So 45 man $1 might be the next progression.... I find I make better bank in the 90man games but PS don't seem to run a 50c/$1 regular speed one.... It's a puzzler

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            ** thread moved to Poker Education and Beginners Questions **
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              Hi baud2death,

              I would probably buy a share of you at a higher stake


              I would expect not to make a profit.

              Moving up in stakes is stressful at times different players bring different pressures and the pressure of a too small bankroll is a hard one too.

              been there done that got mega stressed over it.

              If I was you I would continue in the game you are currently crushing, build up a nice BR even to the point where you do not need staking then move up play 25% higher and 75 lower for a stake...then if that goes well 50/50 then see where I'm going.

              BUT part is the time to ask you....are you reviewing those games many hours study do you do a week....

              I'm not saying you are not a good player (cos you are) but we can all learn something

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                I don't study as much. I like but I came up
                With the idea of studying on my lunch break at work so see how that goes soon

                I appreciate your thoughts and nice to hear the encouragement.

                My thoughts then perhaps were to build up my roll so I can 100x bankroll the games I can comfortably crush and then put a secondary package of +1 tier games where I commit 25-50% of the stake, ask for investment of the rest and then play the higher game side by side with my regular ones... Perhaps 50c/$1 MTTs for example

                I don't know the texture of the package I will come up with but I think this two pronged attack, rather than all or nothing seems like a good strategy to step up,

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                  Have you looked at the 55c 1000 cap MTT's? Might be a good way of getting some experience in bigger feilds. They're a little more real world than the open.

                  They're fairly soft and not turbos.

                  The pay structure is really horrible, so if you don't make the top few spots you feel like you've wasted a few hours of your life, but maybe worth a go.


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                    I have tried a few of those 55c MTTs, cashes 1 at just about 125% of buyin ROI and bubbled the 2nd, fairly sure it is an easy game for me to cash regular in but agree that the payouts are pretty crap

                    More interested in SNGs that I can grind, can't grind a game that is available 1 per hour

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