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The Grind.

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  • The Grind.

    Hello again guys, so over the past 6 months i've been working on my game and am really enjoying playing poker at the moment. I'm trying to grind up a bankroll using the 90 man 25c SNGs and currently have a bankroll of $14 (small i know but i'm a student so lay off ) as i prefer regular speed games to turbo. My question is how am i ever supposed to play half as many games as people on here post about? Some of these games last up to 3 hours and thats usually all i have to play for the day. 1/2 Tournaments a day seems lousy but i hear that multi-tabling isn't brilliant unless you are an accomplished player. Does just playing 1/2 tournaments a day seem ok? i'm really not sure.


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    Hi there Il give my thoughts as I am currently doing the same as you. With regards to multitabling I would try out just doing 2 tables and see how you get on as if you can't play your A game on both its not really worth it. Also do you play and ring games at all or are you more happy just playing the sit n go's? What your doing is correct as you should play what you feel comfortable with. Playing the 90 man's can get alittle tedious especially if you don't have the time for a proper grind. But currently it is working for you, just need to not be focused on increasing your bankroll quickly and instead enjoy playing poker as that's what it comes down to.

    Just work on your poker knowledge and skill and slowly add tables when your ready and your game volume will soon increase.
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      Hi Archie thank you for your reply! I think i will try 2 tables today when i begin playing today and see how that goes. In regards to ring games, i used to play the $1.50 9 man games but damn can you bust a $10 bankroll quickly playing those lol! This month i deposited my $10 and here i am with $14 right now so the $0.25 games definitely seem to be much better for me and give my bankroll much more depth than only 9 buys ins for the ring games.


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        Hi Parkyboy,

        First of all, everyone develops their game and bankroll at their own pace. Time available, bankroll, experience level and skills all factor into the equation. The question isn't really whether 1 or 2 tournaments a day is ok, it's 'is playing 1 or 2 tournaments a day ok for you?'.

        Having said that, I can think of a few ideas you might want to consider. With your bankroll, moving up in stakes right away is not really an option (and nor are cash games for the same reason), and time is limited, so that leaves two possible ways to speed things up. Play more tables at a time, or change your game of choice.

        I am guessing you chose the 90 player games because they suit you best, and that is important, but do bear in mind that the 45 player games have some advantages. They not only take less time (about two hours instead of three), but they will be lower variance too. If you haven't done so already, I would recommend giving them a try. Some players like to mix in a few larger scale tournaments, too, in the hope that a big score will provide a significant bankroll boost. Obviously, if not successful this would be eating into your limited playing time to no effect. It's entirely up to you if this option appeals - it would increase variance but the motivation of playing for a potential big windfall might be worth it. There are some very cheap satellites into the MicroMillions events over the next few weeks that would be ideal for you if you decided to go down this route. Do stick mostly to one regular game to grind though. The other events should really just be a variation, to make the grind less 'grindy'.

        In terms of multitabling, the general advice is to add one table at a time, get used to it, then reavaluate and add another if you are still confortable doing so. For tournament play, there are generally two options. Start a load of games at the same time, in the knowledge that when things get nmore hectic in the later stages, you will inevitably have bust out of a proportion of them and have a manageable number left to concentrate on. Or start with a smaller number of games at first and start a new one each time you bust out. With a short timespan available to you, the first option probably would work best, and has the advantage that all the games will be at the same (or similar) blind level throughout, rather than having to jump back and forth between different tournament stages. But do try both and see what works.

        Good luck, don't be afraid to experiment, and above all, enjoy your poker!



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