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To HUD or Not to HUD & if to HUD which ONE

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  • To HUD or Not to HUD & if to HUD which ONE

    Hey after watching, a Online Training Video I noticed sombody using a HUD,

    So I have been doing some looking around and have been using Magic Holdem and it has been a great help for me and I have seen an improvment to my play buy folloing what it says.

    I really like the Odd calculators, Outs and general advice it gives per hand, but this program is limited in that it cant Store previous hands and if I move table wont keep tracks on my opponents so if i play them again I know from last time i played them how they played.

    I have seen 2 other programs Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker which does go in your card history and inform you on previous hands.

    But as a beginner these programms are too complicated for me and dont show my hole cards odds etc...

    Are there any Legal HUD programmes that do both and easy to use.

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    Both are fine (hm2 and pt4). It's personal preference.

    I personally use HM2 and am very happy with it.


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      I use PT4, only because that was the first one I happened to stumble across, both pieces of software are excellent.

      I can speak for PT4 - it's easy to use for beginners but it also has lot of more complicated features that you can explore at your own leisure, but they aren't necessary if you're not interested in creating your own stats etc.

      What are hole cards odds?


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        HM2 seems very complecated to configure, How can you get the hole cards start ratings and poss outs shown up on screen.

        And Pot odds etc


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          What I mean

          When you get delt your cards tells you odds of winning with it once flop turn and river come

          Easy guide for to look at


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            Yes, it shows you odds of winning and whether you stand a good chance of winning or not i tried it once on Pacific because they have their own program but it is so lame, and no reason for anyone to use.
            As a beginner, yes it is easier, but cmon if you cant count your outs then it maybe you need to learn to do it? Or just memorize your equity vs certain hands? 2 and 4 rule?

            When i started out i never used it and just learned on the go. HUD, on the other hand, is very useful.


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              HUDs are very helpful.. IF.. you know how to interpret the data.

              As a beginner, it's much more important to learn the basics first, before getting into more advanced details.

              I've been playing NLHE for over 14 years.. and I just got a HUD about 6 months ago.

              John (JWK24)

              6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                reflection help

                I want to download if any free software but I don't know what it's called to use on poker stars. Can you help me pls
                Bracelet Winner


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                  Hi , Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Feel free to look around the forum and post any of your comments or questions. You are invited to join the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club, and information on how to join the club may be found HERE. Hope to see you there! umbup:



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